As of Monday, March 28th, Provost approval is no longer needed for international bookings. All airfare (domestic or international) can be booked with a travel consultant at Travel, Inc or using the Concur online booking tool. Please continue to follow your department guidelines for requesting and approving travel. Faculty and IAS are still required to fill out a Travel Authorization.

The UWSA travel team highly encourages simple domestic and international trips to be booked in Concur. (Simple refers to a single city pair such as La Crosse to Washington, DC round trip, or La Crosse to Paris, France, round trip). More complex domestic and international bookings should be booked with Travel, Inc by calling 877-811-9898 or emailing

Please take this opportunity to ensure your Concur profile is up to date (eg: contact info, passport expiration date, credit card details, and travel assistant names).

If you have questions, please contact UWL’s travel manager Jesse Funk at