The Chancellor announced at the May 21 Briefing that he and the Executive Staff, along with approval by the Shared Governances, have agreed to restrict travel through June 30, 2021. The decision is in effort both to protect the health and safety of our Blugolds as well as protect the fiscal stability of the University.

Anyone who wishes to travel or attend a virtual event is to submit a request through the Shared Financial System (SFS) Travel Authorization module. The administrator assigned to head the respective division will evaluate each authorization request.

Contact the Firstsource Support Team at 715-836-3131, or visit the Firstsource + Travel webpage for more information.

The UW-Green Bay COVID 19 policy to restrict travel has been extended to March 21, 2021

  • All domestic travelers, including those traveling within Wisconsin, must have a Travel Authorization form approved prior to booking any travel. The Travel Authorization form must be approved by the Area Leader (for example, all faculty travel must be approved by the Provost). This form is automatically routed to the appropriate approvers when processed through the E-reimbursement System. The E-reimbursement system log in is available at  Reimbursements will not be processed without an approved Travel Authorization attached to the reimbursement requests. Travel between UWGB campuses will not require a travel authorization. 
  • All international travel is prohibited until further notice.

For more information please visit the UW Green Bay travel website; or contact us at 465-2227 or;

In response to COVID-19, UW La Crosse has put a freeze on all non-essential travel until further notice.

For any travel-related questions, please contact UWL's Travel Manager, Kristin Trussoni.

Visit the UW La Crosse Travel website for more information.


Due to public health concerns related to COVID-19, all university-sponsored travel outside of Wisconsin or by air within the State remains cancelled until further notice. Non-air travel within the state of Wisconsin is allowed.

In limited cases, academic deans or vice chancellors may approve travel during this travel ban.  Employees seeking an exception to the travel order will need to download and complete the Essential Travel Exemption Form. Following division leadership approval, these forms should be submitted to Dan Langer at  If approved, the travel can be booked by contacting a Consultant at Travel Inc. 877-811-9898.  Prior to requesting an exemption, please review the language below for what is considered essential travel outside of the State for UW-Madison at this time:

  • For purposes of this interim guidance, essential travel is defined as supporting activities that support, further, or execute research or clinical operations specific to human health and medical outcomes, cannot be rescheduled, and must be done in person.

For questions related to the essential travel exemption request process please contact Rusty Haines at

Visit the UW Madison Travel website for more information.

In response to COVID-19 the prohibition on university-sponsored travel has been extended to at May 23, 2021. 

To request an exception, travelers must complete this UWM Travel Exception Form. If you are unable to use the UWM Travel Exception Form, please use the Alternate Travel Exception Form.

UWM COVID-19 Website

In response to COVID-19, UW Oshkosh has restricted travel indefinitely.  

Please reach out to Michelle Highley at for more inform

In response to COVID-19, UW Parkside has restricted non-essential travel until further notice.

All Essential travel requires approval by the Vice Chancellor or Dean.

Please reach out to Alyssa Totoraitis at for more information.

Business related travel is restricted for UW Platteville until further notice. Travel that is deemed essential needs to have the COVID-19 Travel Approval form filled out and approved before travel expenses are incurred.

With questions please reach out to the Travel Office at

In response to COVID-19, UW River Falls has eliminated non-essential faculty and staff travel through June 30, 2021. 

UW System has initiated an Essential Travel Exception procedure for use across all UW institutions.  To comply with the procedures you must fill out the Essential Travel Exception Request form and get proper approvals prior to making any travel arrangements. Concur is currently disabled for booking new reservations.

Please contact Alma Ramirez, Regional Travel Manager, at 414-345-7553 or for more information.

In response to COVID-19, UW–Stevens Point has suspended university-sponsored travel through June 30, 2021. Travel among UWSP campuses and other facilities (including CWES, Treehaven and NADF) is allowed, as is travel for Admissions, Advancement and other essential purposes.

Pre-approval for all travel is required via the Interim Travel Exception Request Form. Concur is currently disabled for booking new reservations.

Please contact Payment Services at for more information.

In response to COVID-19, UW Stout is suspended indefinitely.

Concur is disabled and all essential travel requests require approval via the UW Stout's Interim Travel Authorization form.

Please contact Heidi Engelmann-Kothrade at 715-232-2334 or with any questions. 

In response to COVID-19, UW Superior is currently restricting travel until further notice

Concur is disabled and Chancellor approval is required for all future bookings.

If you have any questions, please contact Travel Manager Dawn McMillan.

In response to COVID-19, UWW has eliminated non-essential travel until further notice.

Concur is disabled. Please contact Regional Travel Manager Alma Ramirez with questions at or 414-345-755.

Updated 10/20/2020

Until further notice, all travel outside of Wisconsin requires pre-approval. Employees should obtain both their VP & President’s office approval and submit the completed UWSA Covid 19 Travel Request Form pdf to a Travel Incorporated consultant to book travel. The completed form must accompany any related out of state travel expenses (including mileage) in the expense report system. Inform your manager of in-state travel plans. 

In-State Travel is allowed, and does not require an exception form or prior VP/President's office approval.

Please contact Regional Travel Manager Alma Ramirez with questions at or 414-345-755.