Today, at the Board of Regents meeting at UW-Platteville, the Regents and UW System President Ray Cross discussed accountability as part of an overall discussion about the System’s 2017-19 biennial budget request.

“The UW System is committed to accountability and transparency.  While we have more than 55 different pieces of data we currently illustrate on our Accountability Dashboard, we want to take our reporting to the next level,” said President Cross.  “We want to establish systemwide goals that align with key initiatives from our 2020FWD plan and create an easy-to-understand report card that shows our progress.  Institutional outcomes would be aggregated into these systemwide metrics.”

There are four key areas in the UW System’s 2020FWD plan:  Educational Pipeline, University Experience, Business and Community Mobilization, and Operational Excellence.  A 2020FWD report card will encompass some existing performance measures currently included on the Accountability Dashboard, but will also include new information more specifically based upon the 2020FWD priorities.  The report card will include a rating mechanism to ensure the public is able to see the progress being made towards goals and benchmarks.

While a final version of a report card is being developed, below is a sample presented today at the Board of Regents meeting.  Each key focus area will expand to display a description, goal, and current progress.

Sample Report Card