1. Regents endorse strategies to expand bachelor’s degrees in state

    University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents December 2004 Meeting

    Day One News Summary MADISON — The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents on Thursday (Dec. 9) endorsed several recommendations of a joint committee representing the state’s two public higher education systems, which studied ways to increase the number of Wisconsin citizens with bachelor’s degrees. The Committee on Baccalaureate Expansion (COBE), which included representatives […]

  2. Remarks to the Board of Regents

    UW System President Katharine C. Lyall Income Distribution of UW Freshmen You have in your folders this morning a very brief memo summarizing at a glance the (1990 to 2001). Family income is shown by quintile — if our freshman classes were absolutely evenly drawn from each income quintile, 20% of each freshman class would […]

  3. Remarks by Regent President Guy Gottschalk

    University of Wisconsin Board of Regents Good morning. Some of you may recall that four years ago, as the University faced a tough budget challenge, a group of Regents formed and funded an organization called the Friends of the University. The organization was very helpful and influential in the budget process. It was able to […]

  4. New grassroots group forms to support Wisconsin public higher education

    MADISON — A new grassroots organization has been created to help garner sustained support for Wisconsin public higher education, the group’s founder told the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents at Friday’s meeting. The new group, called Citizens for Higher Education, will be a permanent presence that can communicate the public’s proven trust in […]

  5. Regents learn how future budget cuts could impact quality

    University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents December 2002 Meeting Day One Summary

    MADISON – Students will experience larger class sizes, fewer programs and reduced services if the University of Wisconsin System is subject to further cuts in state support during the next budget biennium, according to a presentation by campus leaders during Thursday’s meeting of the UW System Board of Regents. A panel of five UW leaders […]

  6. Budget and Enrollment Update

    Remarks to the Board of Regents UW System President Katharine C. Lyall Last month, you asked that we update the Board on how we are managing the admissions process for fall 2003, what actions were taken by the campuses to manage the $44 million cuts taken this year, and how other states are handling similar […]

  7. Introduction to update on state budget reductions

    Prepared Remarks for Regent President Guy Gottschalk Board of Regents meeting At this time, I’d like to turn our attention to President Lyall, who has prepared an update for the board on how the UW System is managing and preparing for the next tough budget. The state Department of Administration recently reported that Wisconsin’s budget […]

  8. UW System continues to improve measures of student success

    MADISON – The University of Wisconsin System continues to make progress in several important areas used to assess student success, says a new report. Most UW campuses have reduced the number of credits students attempt while completing their undergraduate degrees, and they have also increased their retention and graduation rates, according to the report from […]

  9. Academic ADL Co-Lab offers self tutorial for e-learning

    MADISON — A University of Wisconsin System initiative has created an online self-tutorial for academic, business, industry or government professionals interested in understanding more about standards in e-learning. The self-tutorial is available at no cost through the Academic Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Co-Laboratory, which is working on interoperability standards that will help colleges and universities […]