1. UW-La Crosse Chancellor Search and Screen Committee named

    MADISON, WI—Universities of Wisconsin Board of Regents President Karen Walsh and Universities of Wisconsin President Jay Rothman today appointed an 11-member Search and Screen Committee to help identify the next UW-La Crosse chancellor. Regent Ashok Rai will chair the Search and Screen Committee. Enilda Delgado, Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice in the College of […]

  2. New Universities of Wisconsin identity is one of several changes underway

    By Jay Rothman, Universities of Wisconsin President

    MADISON, Wis. – Earlier this week I announced a new name and identity for our constellation of 13 public universities – the Universities of Wisconsin. The goal is to shift the emphasis from our System to our Universities, which create opportunities for students and improve communities all across the state. It’s an exciting change that […]

  3. Why civil dialogue is vital to citizenship

    By Jay Rothman, President, University of Wisconsin System

    I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with hundreds of students in the early days of my tenure as University of Wisconsin System president. They’re smart, enthusiastic, and brimming with ideas to make the world better. One of those ideas captured my attention because it addressed a topic that’s been on my mind lately – civil […]

  4. To unlock student aid for college, students and families should act now

    By Michael Alexander, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay

    If I asked you to fill out a form for the chance to qualify for financial assistance to pay your mortgage, the groceries, and the heating bill, would you do it? That’s essentially the question facing high school and college students when it comes to financing a higher education. Yet, only one of every two […]

  5. Wisconsin students deserve an increase in the Wisconsin Grant

    Low- and moderate-income students are at risk of falling behind

    By Debbie Ford, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin–Parkside The University of Wisconsin System has taken a big step toward helping more low- and moderate-income students attain a bachelor’s degree. The new Wisconsin Tuition Promise will ensure that qualified students can attend any university within the UW System tuition free. The new program will assist an estimated […]

  6. UW System deserves your support, faces challenges head on

    By Tommy Thompson, President, University of Wisconsin System

    When I left my parents’ farm in Elroy to attend UW-Madison, we were so poor that I carried my belongings in a paper bag instead of a suitcase. I went on to earn a law degree, serve in the legislature, get elected to four terms as governor, lead the U.S. Department of Health and Human […]

  7. UW scientists, innovators poised to accelerate U.S. competitiveness

    By Tommy Thompson, President, University of Wisconsin System

    In recent years, Wisconsin’s two public research universities, UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee, have aggressively and strategically built a faculty roster with a wealth of expertise in some of the world’s most cutting-edge and crucial fields. From biotechnology and genomics to artificial intelligence and quantum computing to advanced manufacturing and sustainability, this broad and deep range of Badger-state expertise at UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee is working on significant […]

  8. Running the UW System is our responsibility

    By Tommy Thompson, President, University of Wisconsin System

    The University of Wisconsin System owns a critical responsibility to open our classrooms this September to deliver the in-person education students deserve and parents expect. And we are planning to do just that. Unfortunately, some want us to ignore our unambiguous authority and duty under Wisconsin law to protect the “health, safety, and welfare of […]

  9. Why I got vaccinated – and why you should, too

    By Tommy Thompson, President, University of Wisconsin System

    When I had an opportunity to become vaccinated against COVID-19 last spring, I didn’t hesitate. The vaccine clearly was the best way for me to protect myself and the people I care about from death or hospitalization due to COVID. I was also eager to do my part to help our society beat back this […]

  10. UW System is a solution to workforce needs

    By Tommy Thompson, President, University of Wisconsin System

    Employers across Wisconsin have one thing on their mind as we emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic: Employees. They can’t get enough. Yet, from Superior to Kenosha, Platteville to Green Bay, Barron County to Rock County, and everywhere in between, the solution is right in front of us: the University of Wisconsin. Each […]