1. Media Backgrounder: UW System employment packages

    Questions have been raised about employment packages received by the UW System president and chancellors. The following is a backgrounder about such packages. Most chancellors and presidents of universities and university systems nationwide have the use of a state-owned or university-owned housing and vehicle. Housing arrangements/allowances and the use of a state-owned vehicle are part […]

  2. Critical CONNECTIONS: Race, ethnicity and contemporary inequalities

    UW System Institute on Race and Ethnicity Conference on Course Design, Curricular Research and Teaching Innovation

    The University of Wisconsin System Institute on Race and Ethnicity will sponsor a conference designed to critically explore approaches to the teaching of race, ethnicity and related research. Over the course of the two days, presenters from divergent disciplines will present pedagogical insights for making critical connections between race and ethnicity and local, national and […]

  3. Testimony on PI34, Wisconsin Teacher Standards

    Assembly Education Committee

    Katharine Lyall, UW System President Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for the opportunity to participate in this hearing. As this committee is well aware, a top quality educational system at all levels is essential to the long-term prosperity of our state. This theme has emerged from the statewide Economic Summits of the past two years, and […]

  4. Testimony by Regent Fred Mohs

    Joint Finance Committee on Special Session Assembly Bill 1

    On behalf of the University of Wisconsin System, I’d like to thank you for this opportunity to speak. I will be brief. We know that the public is rightly concerned about the health of the Wisconsin economy. And we know that the public expects the University of Wisconsin to be part of any solution to […]

  5. Remarks to the Board of Regents by President Katharine C. Lyall

    I’d like to start by introducing our new Federal Relations staff member, Kris Andrews. Kris is already hard at work helping us to focus our commitment to increase federal funds to Wisconsin and UW System institutions. You have in your folders her summary of President Bush’s budget proposal and the impacts it may have on […]

  6. University of Wisconsin Board of Regents

    February 2002 Meeting

    News Summary of Day 2 The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents continued its February 2002 meeting on Friday (Feb. 8), as the full board met to hear a report from UW System President Katharine Lyall and take action on several items. President’s Report As she does at every Regents’ meeting, Lyall presented a […]

  7. Remarks to the Board of Regents by UW System President Katharine C. Lyall

    Accountability Report -- "Achieving Excellence"

    The UW System was one of the first university systems in the country to start issuing public stakeholders reports. Every year since 1993, we have issued a UW System accountability report showing our progress on a series of indicators ranging from access rates and faculty workloads to graduation rates, credits-to-degree, research funding, facilities maintenance, and […]

  8. Remarks to the Board of Regents by UW System President Katharine C. Lyall

    Governor's Budget Reduction

    “Liberty without learning is always in peril and learning without liberty is always in vain” — John F. Kennedy This morning, I’d like to give you a brief summary of the Governor’s budget reduction proposal for the UW System and suggest generally how we might handle these cuts and still move forward, although a bit […]

  9. University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents

    February 2002 Meeting

    News Summary of Day 1 The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents began its February 2002 meeting Thursday (Feb. 7) with discussions of the state’s budget situation, the 2001-02 accountability report and several other items. The following is a summary of Thursday’s Regents meeting. Budget Update Proposed budget cuts for the UW System will […]

  10. UW System Accountability Report documents progress in improving education

    MADISON — Despite operating in an increasingly challenging funding environment, the University of Wisconsin System continues to provide an outstanding learning environment for its students, according to a new report. “Achieving Excellence,” the UW System’s annual accountability report, measures university performance compared to national standards in a number of areas, including but not limited to […]

  11. List of accomplishments of UW System President Katharine C. Lyall


    President Katharine C. Lyall leads the 8th largest university system in the U.S. As its fifth president and first woman president, she manages a system with 26 campuses, statewide Extension, a $3.35 billion budget, 30,000 employees and nearly 160,000 students. A partial list of her accomplishments and milestones during her presidency: External Resources: More than […]

  12. Testimony on Assembly Bill 709

    Jay L. Smith, President, University of Wisconsin Board of Regents

    Good morning. I am Jay Smith, President of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents. I’m joined by Regent Fred Mohs and Regent Tommie Jones. We appreciate having this public forum on AB709. We welcome your questions. Our job as Regents is to make sure this state has one of the best university systems in […]

  13. UW System to Sponsor Student Retention Conference

    MADISON — To continue its efforts to strengthen student retention and graduation, the University of Wisconsin System is sponsoring a retention conference Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 4-5) at the Pyle Center on the UW-Madison campus. The conference will include representatives from each UW System campus and focus on four main themes: campus climate, classroom climate, […]