The University of Wisconsin System Institute on Race and Ethnicity will sponsor a conference designed to critically explore approaches to the teaching of race, ethnicity and related research. Over the course of the two days, presenters from divergent disciplines will present pedagogical insights for making critical connections between race and ethnicity and local, national and world events.

Topics and themes of the more than twenty panels include: Race, Writing, and Representation; Critical Race Theory: White Identity and Racial Formation; Structural Inequalities; Beyond Essentialisms: Confronting Assumptions; Privilege and Confronting the Process of Othering; Culture, Race and Class in Women’s Studies Courses; Drugs, Diversity and Danger: Challenging Legal and Academic Representations; Getting Under Our Skin: Where to Begin in a World of White.

In addition to a rich array of panels, the conference will include ceremonial drumming, Readers Theater performances, a syllabi compilation and provocative keynote addresses. Information on keynote speakers will be available soon.

The conference will take place in Madison at the Best Western InnTowner Conference Facilities. Space is limited, so please register early. For more information, visit the Institute’s website: or contact:

Michael J. Montoya,
UW System Institute on Race and Ethnicity,
c/o UW–Milwaukee, P.O. Box 413,
Milwaukee, WI 53201
( Phone: (414) 229-4700.

Media Contact

Erik Christianson UW System 608-262-5061