A broad spectrum of higher education performance measures reflecting strategic priorities of the Universities of Wisconsin, or required by state legislation


Total enrollments, where students come from, participation of Wisconsin high school graduates, new transfer students, and access for underrepresented and lower-income students

Economic Development

Research and public service funding, degrees in STEM and health fields, businesses receiving development assistance, and where UW alumni live

Faculty & Staff

Number of employees, employee diversity, faculty compensation, faculty turnover, instructional workload and applied agricultural research workload

Institutional Efficiency

Overall financial health, core expenditures per degree, tuition balances, two measures of revenue over expenditures, administrative expenditures, time and credits to degree and tuition as a percent of family income

Progress & Completion

Retention rates, graduation rates, degrees conferred, detail for underrepresented and lower-income students, and graduation at non-UW schools

Student Affordability

Cost of attendance, affordability measures, institutional grants, student loan debt, student loan default rates, and unmet need

Undergraduate Experience

Student participation in high-impact practices, gains in critical thinking, and overall college experience

University Highlights

Accountability and performance information specific to each UW university’s unique mission

Accountability Report

“The only statewide system of higher education in the nation to issue an annual accountability report since 1993, the UW System remains committed to accountability and transparency to our governmental leaders and the citizens of Wisconsin.”

Tommy Thompson, Past President, University of Wisconsin System

2023 Transmittal Letter - Act 32 pdf

Additional information required by Chapter 36.65 of the Wisconsin State Statutes:

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