Welcome to Transfer-Wisconsin

There’s much more to Transfer Wisconsin than just seeing how your credits transfer. If you are planning to transfer to a University of Wisconsin (UW) institution or a Wisconsin Technical College (WTC), use this site to take the next step to achieve your college education goals!

  • You can get started on your transfer planning, use our handy transfer checklist or apply for admission.
  • Go to the Credit Transfer Wizard to see how individual classes or courses in entire departments will transfer.
  • If you are attending a UW College, use the Transfer Guides for the courses, gpa and requirements for your intended major at the UW you plan to transfer to.
  • If you are attending a Wisconsin Technical College (WTC), see the more than 500 Articulation Agreements that permit occupational courses in specific degree programs to transfer into a UW major. Or, take a look at the new Universal Credit Transfer Agreement, a set of courses that transfer between all UWs and WTCSs.
  • Go to the Transfer Plans to see how your classes will meet requirements in the program you want to transfer to.

The Transfer Information System (TIS) is a statewide initiative to improve transfer for Wisconsin students, and includes tools like the Credit Transfer Wizards, Transfer Guides, Articulation Agreements, and Transfer Plans.

Transfer Wisconsin, a website maintained by the University of Wisconsin System, is the result of a collaborative effort by UW System (UW) and Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) to help students transfer between all public, post-secondary institutions in Wisconsin.

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UW System Transfer Reports

These reports include information on University of Wisconsin (UW) System transfer students. The Program Assessment Reports focus particular attention on transfers from the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) with assessment of both current and new articulation agreements, which allow students to transfer courses from a specific program at a WTCS district into a similar program at a UW institution.