Transfer 101

Check out our “Transfer 101” page for basic transfer information and a Transfer Checklist to help manage your transfer process.


Transferology provides an unofficial evaluation of how transfer courses apply towards the requirements of a major or program. Unlike the transfer Wizards, Transferology provides course equivalencies and transfer information for out-of-state schools.

Transfer Guides

Are you transferring to a four-year UW campus, know your intended major, but plan to transfer without completing an associates degree? There may be a transfer guide of use to you.

A transfer guide shows the required courses for a UW major and the equivalent courses that transfer from your current college. This is NOT a guaranteed transfer agreement and not all programs have transfer guides.

Course Catalogs

Prepare yourself for registration. Browse the Course Catalog to find class availability and offerings at your transfer campus.

UW Course Catalogs

WTCS Course Catalogs

Contact Your Advisor!

Contact the campus you intend to transfer to ASAP!

How to Apply

UW HELP provides assistance with the application process through the University of Wisconsin online application, including what transcripts you will need and the application fee. The online application is for all University of Wisconsin institutions.

If you are transferring to a Wisconsin Technical College, visit the home page of the WTC you are planning to attend for application information. If you are ready to apply, go directly to the application site for the WTC you plan to attend.

Placement Testing

Even though you have some college experience and coursework under your belt, you may be required to take a placement test before you can enroll at your new school. It will depend on where you are applying, and how many credits you are transferring. If you are required to take placement tests, plan to take them as soon as possible to ensure you can register on time and for the appropriate classes. If you are required to take them and do not, you may not be able to register for your classes!

For information about placement testing locations and registration, go to the Regional Placement Testing website.