The Transfer Information System (TIS) has tools to help you and your advisor determine how your courses will transfer.  Remember to always work with your advisor to ensure you are making the best choices to accomplish your college goals!

Credit Transfer Wizards

With the Credit Transfer Wizards, you’ll be able to see how individual courses in entire departments transfer between UW and WTCS campuses.

The wizards tutorials detail specific transfer scenarios and illustrate how you can use the wizards to achieve the right result.

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UW System Guaranteed Transfer Admission Program

Begin your education as a freshman at a UW branch campus or UW Online and receive “guaranteed” admission to another UW System institution as a junior! 

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Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements guarantee the transfer of credits after the completion of an associate’s degree or certificate from a WTCS campus to a specific major at a UW campus.



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Universal Credit Transfer Agreement (UCTA)

Use the UCTA to see the set of general education courses transferable between all WTCS and UW campuses. UCTA courses satisfy the general education requirements for any UW major.

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Transfer Guides

Use the Transfer Guides to find required courses, grade point average, and other requirements for your intended major.  These can make your transfer pathway easier!


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Transfer Plans

Transfer Plans provide you and advisors with an unofficial evaluation of how transfer courses will apply towards the requirements of a specific major or program using Transferology.


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