If you know your intended major, you can view an articulation agreement to see what courses, GPA, and other requirements that need to be completed prior to transferring.  An articulation agreement is a signed document guaranteeing credit transfer from the completion of a degree or certificate program at a Wisconsin Technical College to a specific university major at a specific University of Wisconsin university. All classes outlined in an articulation agreement must be completed. Partial credit transfer may not be awarded.

A transfer guide shows the required courses for a major at a UW university and the equivalent courses that transfer from a college or university. Transfer guides do not guarantee transfer but are a useful tool in helping students plan for successful transfer. Not all programs/universities have transfer guides.

If there is not a transfer guide available for your program/university:

  • Find the course requirements for your intended major on the website of the UW that you plan to transfer to.
  • Put the UW required courses needed or already completed into Transferology to see how classes will transfer.

If you are undecided about your major or school, the Universal Credit Transfer Agreement (UCTA) provides a set of courses transferable between all UW universities and all WTCS colleges.

Be sure to talk with your advisor to make sure you choose the agreement that will be most helpful with your transfer plans. For additional information, contact your UW university transfer representative.

Transfer Resources at UW Universities