Employee Resources

Providing access to accurate and relevant information is just one of the ways the UW System Human Resources (UWSHR) team supports UWSA employees. A brief overview and links to additional information for some of the most common topics are available below. Note that some links will require login credentials.

If you aren’t finding what you’re looking for or have additional questions or concerns contact us,

With the goal of helping employees learn and keep track of UWSA's unique nomenclature, the UWSA Acronyms Dictionary pdf was created. If you have items to be included in this document, email uwshr@uwsa.edu

Resources are available to help guide you through the benefit enrollment process, provide additional information, and answer questions you might have about your benefits package throughout your employment. 

Benefit packages vary by employment category:

If you are newly benefits eligible attend a benefits orientation. Dates, times, and login information can be found on the UW System Benefits Orientation web page.

Email serviceoperations@support.wisconsin.edu for further assistance.

 In effort to develop and retain high-quality, diverse faculty and staff, the Universities of Wisconsin encourages and promotes education and professional development.  To learn about opportunities offered to UWSA employees, please visit 

Education & Professional Development | UWSA Human Resources (wisconsin.edu)

Wiscards function as the UWSA employee ID card. UWSA employees are required to obtain a Wiscard. Your Wiscard should remain active and in your possession throughout the course of your employment.

UWSA employees have access to the same Wiscard perks as UW-Madison employees:

UWSA is proud to offer programs that provide employees support they may need, both personally and professionally, to help do their jobs effectively:

Get Connected to the UWSA Community

There are several ways to stay up to date with news and information related to the University System.

  • Employees are automatically signed up for the Connect@UWSA Employee newsletter.
  • UWSA employees can sign up for the UW-Madison newsletter, Inside UW-Madison.
  • MyUW is an employee portal that provides a repository for communication, news, and payroll & benefits information.
  • WiscAlerts is UW–Madison’s emergency notification system. The system is designed to provide information about an active emergency situation that requires the community to take immediate action in order to stay safe.

  • Follow systemwide news through the UW System News web page
  • Employees can get real-time updates about the UW System on social media:

The MyUW Portal is where employees can:

  • Access time cards. enter leave, and print paystubs
  • Update personal information
  • Access benefits statements and complete benefit enrollments
  • Connect to mandatory training modules
  • Access the ePerformance system and evaluations
  • Connect to other systems like WebEx, Blackboard Collaborate, etc.

Help Documents for the MyUW Portal are available.


Review the Payroll web page for the payroll schedule, direct deposit form, Self-Identification & W-4 Withholding forms.

Employees can view earnings statements, benefits elections, direct deposit information, and other personal information in the MyUW Portal.

I-9 Acceptable Documents - UWSA employees complete the I-9 via Compli-9 online.

time entry 

Learn how to enter your time and make leave requests using the Time Entry platform on the MyUW Portal (login credentials required).


If you have additional questions about payroll and leave entry contact:


(888) 298-0141 (Phone)
(608) 890-2327 (Fax)

Student hourly employees can find additional resources specifically related to their employment along with required forms here:

For questions contact UW System Human Resources at uwshr@uwsa.edu.

OTS HelpDesk

The OTS Helpdesk provides technology services to UW System Administration employees, including Office 365, new employee computer equipment requests, end-user support and related. Visit the OTS Helpdesk website for more information.


Once employees have a Wiscard (see Employee ID information above), they can activate their NetID. There are many IT applications that will require logging in with a NetID:

HRS, SFS, WISDM and CAT access

Employees needing HRS, SFS and/or CAT access can work with their supervisors to help determine what access requests need to be submitted on their behalf:

Talk to your supervisor for additional information regarding any IT systems/applications you may need for your job.

This procedure outlines the process by which UWSA employees may submit requests for approval of educational assistance benefits. 

Applicants for Employee Educational Assistance must complete the UWS Request for Authorization to Reimburse Employee’s Fees/Tuition Form.  The form must be submitted to UWSA-HR at uwshr@uwsa.edu no later than August 15th for courses being offered during the upcoming fall semester, no later than December 15th for courses being offered during the upcoming winterim or spring semester, and no later than May 15th for courses being offered in the upcoming summer semester.

Applications must be reviewed and approved by the applicant’s direct supervisor and the appropriate associate vice president prior to submission to UWSA-HR. 

No more than one course, up to five credits, or a training equivalent in any academic term should be reimbursed.  If an employee voluntarily ends their employment with the University of Wisconsin System or Wisconsin State government less than one year following the date of an award under this policy, the amount of any awards issues less than one year prior to the date of separation shall be repaid by the employee to the University of Wisconsin System.

The UW TravelWIse website can assist you with all of your travel needs as a UW System employee. 

UW TravelWIse is the sole source for all UW System travel information. New employees should review the UW System Traveler's Checklist to provide all of your information at hire. Doing so will ensure the preliminary work is done in advance of relocating, traveling, arranging for travel for others or planning events/meetings.

Review the UW TravelWise Traveler's Reference Guide.

The University of Wisconsin uses The Work Number® to provide automated verifications of employment (VOE) and income verifications for all UW System employees. Each verification request must go through this service. For further information on The Work Number service and as well as information on how to complete a verification request, see the Verification of Employment and/or Income (Employee) instructions.

The purpose of this notice is to advise all employees of the University of Wisconsin System Administration of the 1983 Wisconsin Act 409, known as the "Whistleblower Law", which provides procedures and protections for state employees who wish to disclose information about a violation of any state or federal law, rule or regulation; mismanagement or abuse of authority in state and local government; a substantial waste of public funds; or a danger to public health and safety.

Whistleblower Law Notice pdf

As a UWSA employee, you have access to these resources that require use of your UWSA login credentials:

* Required for all employees