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Onboarding is the process of transitioning a new hire into the organization. Here at UWSA, we believe onboarding:

  • Extends beyond logistics and tactical items
  • Is purposeful with the goal of acculturating new hires to the organization
  • Begins during the recruitment process and continues throughout the first year
  • Builds ongoing engagement and improves retention
  • Is fostered by the organization as a whole

Currently, hiring departments are primarily responsible for onboarding new staff members. The following resources have been developed and and your UWSHR Strategic Partner is available for support and assistance:

UWSA’s onboarding process is evolving. Come back frequently to see what’s new!

Mandatory Training

All new employees must complete a series of mandated, online training within their first weeks with UWSA. Ongoing training is also required for all employees at a regular cadence. Watch for these emails and the deadlines for completion.

  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Prevention


Ethics & Conflicts of Interest Reporting

The UW System sets forth expectations of conduct for all employees. These expectations apply both inside and outside of the workplace. Employees are also required to report conflicts of interest. Additional information is available through Office of Compliance and Integrity Ethics Website.

Benefits & Total Rewards

Just like a campus, UWSA is one of the institutions within the University of Wisconsin System. All UW System employees receive benefits based upon their employment category. Visit UW System Employee Benefits General Information to get started.

Total Rewards describes all the ways UW System attracts, motivates, and retains excellent employees. Total Rewards encompasses UW System’s benefits, compensation, employee well-being programs, events, and other offerings. Find more information about Total Rewards here.

UWSA employees also have access to additional perquisites or “perks.” Click through the tabs below to learn more.

UWSA employees receive a Wiscard for identification purposes.  Our Wiscard program is affiliated with UW-Madison.  For this reason, it will indicate University of Wisconsin – Madison on your Wiscard, even though you work for UW System Administration.  You can obtain this card at Union South 1308 Dayton Street Room 149. Your Wiscard will provide you access to UW-Madison libraries, recreation facilities and the Madison Metro Bus system.

UWSA employees may obtain a Madison Metro Bus Pass.  This pass will allow you to ride all Madison buses for a small fee.  You must show your Wiscard at the UW Transportation Services office in order to acquire your bus pass.  For office location and hours, please visit the Transportation Services website.  NOTE:  Bus passes are only valid from date of receipt to the following August/September.  You will need to get a new bus pass every August/September.

UW-Madison campus also offers several free bus routes for around campus.

Regent Street Location

Regent Street offers convenient on-site parking. Parking permits are required and can be obtained by completing the parking permit application. The low-cost fee is withdrawn each pay period.

Van Hise Location

Employees that are interested in parking in a UW Madison owned lot, need to contact Diana Trendt to be added to the Parking Application System.  Parking for UW-Madison is based upon priority number and hire date.  Learn more about parking services.

UWSA employees may use the Child Care Resource Center provided by UW-Madison.  It offers child care for the children of students, faculty and staff.  There are nine sites on or near campus that are licenses and accredited by the city of Madison or accredited by the National Association for Education of the Young Child.

As a UWSA employee, you can obtain low-cost memberships to UW-Madison recreation sports facilities across the UW-Madison campus. To learn more, check out member services information.