Search and Screen Committee

The Search and Screen Committee is responsible for the evaluation of application materials utilizing the screening criteria from the position announcement to determine who will progress to the next stage of the interview process. The hiring manager will consult with their assigned HR Strategic Partner to determine potential members for the committee and invite them to participate in the process.

Committee Makeup

Every effort will be made to ensure that the search and screen committee has diverse representation in terms of race, gender, veteran, disability status, organizational unit as appropriate, and/or employee type/relationship to the position. The committee should have a minimum of three members.

  1. Committee Chair – convenes meetings for the Search & Screen Committee to facilitate the consideration of the applicants, see Roles & Responsibilities.
  2. Committee Members –  subject-matter experts (SMEs) who are currently performing similar work or employees who understand and work closely with the position and as a result are qualified to screen applicants.

Note: The Hiring Manager is not a member of the Search and Screen Committee.

Committee Process

The process begins with a Charge Meeting. This meeting is for the hiring manager to charge the committee with the knowledge, skills and abilities that the hiring manager desires from the applicant pool to meet their priorities for the finalist applicants. The HR Strategic Partner will also present information on how to avoid unconscious bias when screening out applicants, the importance of confidentiality during the search process, and records retention information. After the Charge Meeting, the Search and Screen process includes the following steps: