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Talent Acquisition

UW System Human Resources supports the recruitment process for UWSA with the goal of acquiring the best and the brightest talent. The recruitment process has three distinct stages: pre-recruitment, recruitment, and interviewing & selection. Hiring departments are encouraged to connect with their UWSHR Strategic Partner early to ensure success in navigating this detailed process.

In an effort to outline the process step-by-step and clarify the roles, UWSHR has developed UWSA Recruitment & Pre-boarding Steps And Checklist Fillable Updated 12.21.2020 docx . Please refer to this document throughout the process and ask questions as needed.


There are several important factors to consider in this stage:

  • Are you filling an existing vacancy or developing a new position?
  • What work will be performed by the person in this position?
  • What systems, tools, or other resources will they require to perform the work?
  • Does the position description and/or the knowledge, skills, and abilities need revision?
  • What is the source of funding? Do you have the required funds to fill on an ongoing basis?

Answers to these questions will not only help identify the type of candidates being sought, but will also inform the onboarding activities once the new employee starts.

Hiring managers will also want to consider sourcing: where to advertise the position and for how long. The Approval Form for Recruitments & Hires pdf will be utilized to document the justification and get approval to recruit.

Once you receive the approval to recruit, it is important that you connect with the Office of Technology Services to begin the request process for equipment, software, telephone lines, etc. and with Capital Planning & Budget to submit the Capital Planning Space Request Fillable Form December 2020 docx to ensure the employee has the appropriate cube or office space by the position start date.


The recruitment stage is when the position is being advertised and applicants are applying for the position. During this stage, hiring managers will want to schedule a consultation with their UWSHR Strategic Partner and appoint the Search and Screen Committee. The Search and Screen Committee will analyze the applicant pool and conduct phone interviews, if necessary, to develop the list of qualified candidates for the position. See additional information regarding Search and Screen Committee here.

Interviewing and Selection

After the Search and Screen Committee has identified the qualified candidates for the position, the Interviewing and Selection stage begins. These steps will be discussed and planned by UWSHR with the hiring manager. Below is the overview of the steps:

A verbal offer may be extended pending the approval to fill, which will be documented on the same Approval Form to Recruit and Hire that was started in the pre-recruitment phase.

Once a written offer has been accepted by the selected candidate, the process enters the post-recruitment stage. In this stage, the hiring managers prepares for the new hire arrival by developing an Onboarding Plan and making appropriate arrangements to ensure a seamless entry into the organization. See additional information available under Onboarding.

HR Transaction Approval Forms

UWSA, UW Shared Services and UW-Extended Campus managers will work with their HR Strategic Partner to complete the following forms, depending upon the type of transaction, to obtain the appropriate approvals:


Affirmative Action & Equal Employment Opportunity Employment

The University of Wisconsin System Administration is an Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity employer committed to achieving a diverse workforce and to maintaining a community which welcomes and values a climate supporting equality and differences among its members. To read more about this and important related subjects, please click here.