Position Changes

Positions will change for a variety of reasons over the course of time. All UWSA position information is kept within the HRS system and it is essential that it is kept up-to-date. Managers can utilize the Approval Form for Staff Changes pdf to document and include justification for position changes and gather the appropriate approvals prior to HRS entry. Here are some examples of changes that don’t necessarily require advanced consultation with UWSHR:

  • Reporting Manager
  • Time & Labor (T&L) Approvers
  • Funding Source
  • Overload Payments

Changes Requiring Consultation

Other position changes require additional planning and discussion with UWSHR prior to implementation and the Approval Form for Staff Changes pdf submission to ensure the appropriate actions and communications occur. Here are just a few.

Changes in Full-time equivalency (FTE)

There may be times when UWSA is implementing a change in the full-time equivalency of a position due to a change in workload, funding or other reasons. Another example is when an employee may be voluntarily initiating the change due to personal circumstances (e.g., changing from 0.60 FTE to 0.50 FTE).


In situations where an employee is taking a leave of absence, this change should be documented on the Approval Form for Staff Changes pdf . If the leave of absence coincides with the need to access other benefits, such as FMLA, extended use of sick leave, etc., be sure to refer the employee to discuss the situation with UWSHR. See also:

title, promotion, Salary, temporary assignment of additional duties and related

In instances where a manager is considering a potential title change, promotion or salary adjustment for an employee, it is important that they engage UWSHR early in the discussion. This is also true when a temporary assignment of additional duties or an interim role occurs which may change the employee’s base salary temporarily. Additional resources are below: