Education & Professional Development

UW System Administration values professional development and growth opportunities for all employees. Depending upon your role, opportunities may exist through industry organizations, the county, the state, as well as through continuing education programs offered by UW Institutions. Employees are encouraged to discuss their individual development plan with their manager.

Internal UWSA Offerings

UWSHR periodically offers skill-building and development sessions to employees. Some examples include Food for Thought, SkillUp Sessions, and UW-LEaD. Utilize the links in the menu on the left to learn more about these sessions.

Other UWSA offices offer periodic opportunities as well. Watch the newsletter and your email for those announcements.

Offerings from UW-Madison

UW-Madison offers the following professional development opportunities to UWSA employees.

Fully Prepared to Lead, through UW-Madison, is a comprehensive, competency-based development program designed to help individuals master the knowledge, skills, and tools for effective leadership. Participation is free to UWSA employees and open to everyone--it is not limited to those in formal supervisory or management roles.

Fully Prepared to Manage, through UW-Madison, includes workshops, conferences, study, groups, and learning communities for aspiring, new, and experienced supervisors and managers.

The UW-Madison Office of Talent Management offers a variety of professional development courses and seminars that are available to UWSA employees for free or little cost. You can learn more by visiting their website or browsing the catalog of upcoming events.

Career-Related Educational Reimbursement

Employees with a half time or greater appointment are eligible for career-related educational reimbursement. For more information, visit the Career-Related Educational Reimbursement page.