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UW System Administration (UWSA) employees have access to an extensive benefits package including health insurance, life insurance, flex spending, retirement benefits, paid leave and much more. These benefits are offered to all University of Wisconsin employees. To learn about benefits available to all UW employees, refer to the UW System Benefits website.

To learn about additional benefits that are available to UW System Administration employees, refer to the UW System Administration Benefits webpage.

Our Total Compensation Estimator allows you to enter the salary you expect to receive and obtain information on what your estimated total compensation package will be.

What’s in the Benefit Package?

For detailed information about benefits available to employees, see the benefit summary and new employee benefit orientation below that applies to employees. We also recommend that you have a conversation with ALEX, the personalized benefits counselor.  Anyone can use ALEX even prospective future employees.

ALEX explains benefit options in plain English and helps staff choose the plans that make the most sense for their situation.

In an effort to make benefits elections less stressful for new employees, and benefits information more accessible for current employees, the UW System offers an online tool for anyone who wants a better understanding of the comprehensive benefits offered at the UW System.

ALEX will ask you a series of questions to walk you through benefits offerings and suggest appropriate plans based on your answers. It is UW System’s hope that a conversation with ALEX will educate you while helping you make sound, informed decisions about benefits.

Click here to watch a short video to learn more about ALEX.

To go to the ALEX landing page and begin your ALEX conversation, click here.

(NOTE: Chrome or Firefox are the preferred internet browsers for ALEX)