Travel Updates

  • Switch from Travel Inc. to Fox World Travel for Individual Travel

    May 21, 2024

    On July 1, 2024, the UW’s contract with Travel Incorporated will lapse and all individual travel arrangements previously managed by Travel Inc. will move to Fox World Travel. UW is […]

  • Expense Report Awaiting Approval?

    April 18, 2024

    Please see the current timeframe of Expense Report approvals on the Reimbursement page. During this peak period for expense report submissions please expect a longer approval time. Expense reports are […]

  • Travel Incorporated Contract Ending July 1, 2024

    February 9, 2024

    On July 1, 2024,  travel bookings managed by our required contracted vendor, Travel Incorporated, will be transitioned to Fox World Travel. This is a result of leadership’s review and decision, based on feedback from travelers, arrangers, […]

  • SFS Branding Memo

    January 19, 2024

    On January 24th, The branding in the SFS module will be updated to reflect the new UW branding.

Travel Guidance

Top Ten Things to Know Before You Travel

  1. Airline reservations for University-sponsored travel are required to be made with Travel Incorporated, either within Concur, the online self-booking tool, or with a Travel Incorporated Consultant. Use of online brokers or search sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, etc. are prohibited and will not be reimbursed by the University. 
    1. All employees should have a Concur profile. If you do not have a profile, please register for Concur prior to booking travel.
    2. Please visit the UW TravelWIse Concur page for more information about the online booking tool. 
  2. All non-conference site lodging reservations should be made through Concur or through a Travel Incorporated Consultant.
    1. Effective with a policy change on July 1, 2020 – UW System employees may be reimbursed for bookings done on Airbnb. 
      *Prior to booking, please review all cancellation policies, and check with your department to ensure compliance with departmental policies. Ultimate approval of reimbursement of Airbnb costs, including any forfeited deposits, is dependent on the University or Departmental policies. Please click here for more information on booking with Airbnb.
    2. Use of any other online brokers or third-party sites such as, VRBO, etc. are prohibited and will not be reimbursed by the University. 
    3. Prior to reserving conference site lodging, search Concur for the conference site hotel to determine if there is a lower rate available. If so, make your reservation within Concur. 
    4. Concur displays available room types and rates directly from hotel suppliers. Room types and rates available are not specific to UW System and may be above what UW policy allows. Travelers must adhere to the location rate maximums and only reserve single/standard rooms.
    5. To find the location rate maximums use the Lodging/Meal and Incidental Calculator
    6. Please consult the UW System Hotel Directory for a complete list of contracted properties by location.
  3. Please keep in mind the following tips regarding Meals and Incidentals:
    1. Receipts are not required for Meals and Incidentals Expenses.
    2. If the trip does not include an overnight stay, the traveler is limited to a $15 tax reportable day trip meal allowance. This meal allowance can be claimed even if a meal was provided.
  4. Hosted Meals must stay within meal maximums (breakfast $20, lunch $21, dinner $35 for in-state meals), require itemized receipts, and an approved Food Expense Approval Form.
  5. Rental vehicles are required to be reserved through Enterprise or National using the UWSA contract. Local reservations can be made directly with Enterprise (La Crosse Downtown 608-785-7400 prompt 4 or La Crosse Airport 608-781-5094) or National (La Crosse Airport 608-781-5678). However, out-of-state rentals must be made through Concur or through a Travel Incorporated consultant. When Enterprise or National do not serve the location of travel or if vehicles are not available, Hertz may be used under the State of Wisconsin (WSCA) contract.
    1. Eligible renters are classified as all University-authorized drivers age 18 and over. Authorized drivers 18-20 are restricted to domestic rentals only. Rentals are limited to compact/standard/intermediate vehicle classes unless there are business needs that require larger classes of vehicles. Claims for reimbursement beyond standard/intermediate vehicle classes (i.e. trucks, vans, etc.) for reasons such as transporting extra passengers, carrying cargo or bulky equipment, etc., must be explained on the expense report.
    2. Any person (employee, student, volunteer) who will be driving a vehicle (personally owned or rented) on University business must be authorized to drive. To become an authorized driver, review the Driver Authorization Policy and complete a Vehicle Use Agreement (VUA). Employees and students must complete an electronic VUA by logging into the Wisconsin Department of Administration VUA Sign-up Portal. Volunteers must complete a paper VUA and submit it to Business Services. Drivers with out‐of‐state driver licenses must attach the Notarized Statement of Driving Record form to their VUA.
    3. Drivers are responsible for refueling vehicles prior to return with the same level of fuel that they received at the time of rental. The University will not reimburse vendor refueling or prepay fuel packages. Receipts are required for reimbursement of fuel purchased.
    4. Enterprise, National, and Hertz for domestic rentals include Collision (CWD) and Liability (LDW) in their contract rates. Extra types of insurance are not reimbursable.
  6. When driving your personal vehicle for University-sponsored business, you will be reimbursed for mileage. MapQuest or Google Maps are the official tools for determining the most direct route. The following rates apply:
    1. Less than 100 miles roundtrip - Standard Rate
      • On/after 7/1/22: $0.655 per mile
    2. More than 100 miles roundtrip - Turndown Rate
      • On/after 7/1/22: $0.42 per mile
    3. Any Non-Employee - Standard Rate
      • On/after 7/1/22: $0.655 per mile
  7. All purchases over $25 must be substantiated with an itemized receipt.
  8. University purchases are generally exempt from Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax. Travelers are expected to request and receive Wisconsin sales tax exemption for travel related purchases. The University also has sales tax exemption in other states. Travelers should make a reasonable attempt to obtain sales tax exemption according to the tax authority's requirements.
  9. Travelers who requested a cash advance must return any unused cash upon returning to campus after their trip and must complete an e-Reimbursement within 30 days after the trip completion date.
  10. All travel related expenses for a trip must be submitted on one e-Reimbursement within 90 days after the trip completion date or will not be reimbursed by the University.

Helpful Links:

Travel Incorporated Contact Information

Lodging and Per Diem Calculator

UW System Travel Policies

University employees, while on business travel, are expected to exercise good judgment when incurring travel costs. An employee may be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary travel expenses actually incurred in the performance and conduct of UW business. An employee shall not seek reimbursement for goods or services provided free of charge, not personally incurred, reimbursed by another source, or which will be paid or reimbursed from another source. Faculty and staff traveling together pay their own way and complete their own Expense Report (ER).

For UW travel policies, best business practices, and process standards, please refer to UW TravelWIse.



  • Meals and incidentals are reimbursed based on per diem allowances. Per diems are calculated based upon location, first/last day of travel, and provided meals adjustments.
  • For trip planning and rate determination, M&IE rates can be determined using the Lodging/Meal & Incidental Calculator available in the UW TravelWIse portal
  • If an employee is buying a meal for someone else, the UW Sponsored Event policy and Hosted Meal Rates apply. The following must be included:
    • An itemized receipt
    • A roster or list of individuals who attended
    • An approved Food Approval Form
  • Travel Incorporated is the University's contracted travel provider. 
  • All airline reservations must be made with Travel Incorporated, either with a consultant or within the Concur self-booking tool. 
  • Purchased airfare must be the lowest appropriate fare, which is defined as non-refundable, coach/economy class.
  • The use of online brokers or search sites, such as Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, etc. are prohibited and will not be reimbursed by the University.
  • All individual non-conference site lodging reservations must be made within the Concur self-booking tool, by contacting Travel Incorporated or by contacting the hotel directly.
  • Conference site lodging reservations can be made directly with the conference or host site; however, travelers are strongly encouraged to check Concur as often times a lower rate can be obtained. A conference or host site is defined as a lodging facility identified by the sponsor and must be included on the conference brochure, program, or registration information provided.
  • The use of lodging brokers, like, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, etc., is prohibited and will not be reimbursed by the University.
  • Employees can use a University/Prepaid Purchasing Card (PCard) to pay for lodging that is within the per diem allowance or for conference site lodging. 
  • If sharing a room with another employee, one employee may pick up the entire room cost, but both must indicate this on their respective e-Reimbursements.
  • Employees are expected to use rental vehicles when vehicle transportation is determined to be the most appropriate mode of transportation. Vehicle transportation is generally most appropriate for round trips less than 400 miles.
  • All out-of-state vehicle reservations must be made through Concur utilizing the Big Ten contract with Enterprise and National. Hertz is also available within Concur when Enterprise and National do not have necessary availability. Utilizing Concur for reservations enables the contract booking ID to automatically apply ensuring that all reservations are under contract and appropriately insured.
  • All employees and students who are required to drive on University-sponsored business must be authorized to drive in accordance with Risk Management’s Drivers Authorization.
  • If an employee chooses to use their personal vehicles, reimbursement will be made based on the following:
    • Less than 100 miles roundtrip - Standard Rate
      1. On/after 1/1/21: $0.655 per mile
    • More than 100 miles roundtrip - Turndown Rate
      1. On/after 1/1/21: $0.42 per mile

Policy Updates

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Type of Travel

Fox is the contracted agency for all group block airfare. Group Blocks are 10 or more travelers traveling on one flight to and from the same origin and destination, on the same dates. Typical uses include study abroad trips.

Reservation Process

To begin the process of booking a group block, please fill out the group block form. A dedicated Fox World Travel group agent will be in contact with you shortly to begin the group block sourcing and contract process.

Group Block Form


Dedicated Team Business Hours: 8 am CST-5 pm CST Monday-Friday, excluding Holiday
After Hours Emergency Support: 5:30 pm-7 am CST Monday – Friday & 24/7 – including Weekend and Holiday Coverage
Direct phone: (920) 933-4180
Consultant Team Email:

UW Dedicated Agents

Coming Soon

Group Block Procedures and Terms

Prior to purchasing airfare or making other travel arrangements, travelers must obtain approval for business travel from the traveler’s designated approving authority. Pre-trip approval requirements vary by institution and often by division/department. It is traveler’s responsibility to follow all internal travel approval procedures prior to making trip reservations.

Out of state trips will most often include airfare as the mode of transportation. If the traveler is unsure of the most economical transportation choice, please review Determining the Appropriate Mode of Transportation prior to making arrangements. Only the most economical option will be paid or reimbursed by the University.

  • Travel disruption, particularly with airlines is more prevalent than ever before. Therefore, UW System highly recommends a faculty member or other administrative staff person serve as a group leader accompanying student groups when possible for enhanced duty of care and to serve as the group's financial officer in cases of travel disruption or other types of situations that can occur.
  • Fox World Travel is the contract travel management company partner of the University of Wisconsin System and as such, the University is exempt from Department of Administration (DOA) procurement policy, which requires multiple bids/quotes for group travel arrangements when using Fox World Travel. Do not send Fox any requests for proposals or bid/quote documents as they will be returned.
  • Each airline carrier will only provide one price quote for group air and will not allow multiple quotes for the same group.
  • Individual ticket prices found in Concur or through any other web source apply to the purchase of a single ticket. This price cannot be used as a comparative for group block or group air ticket purchasing.
  • Airlines control fares and availability and these will change multiple times per day.
  • To obtain optimal pricing and availability it is best to book group airfare as far in advance as possible - last minutes fare savings and reductions are rarely available due to airline restructuring and consolidations. Groups should reserve airfare as soon as they have dates.
  • Be mindful of airline supply and demand - peak travel times will significantly impact fare pricing and availability.
  • It is strongly encouraged to use Fox World Travel for other group arrangements, such as out-of-state or international group lodging and/or ground transportation to have the necessary support for University sponsored reservations and access to UW System and Partnership Program discounts.

Group arrangements require the use of the UW Group Reservation Request Form.

With potentially thousands of flight options with differing price points and availability, it is important for UW group travel coordinators to be clear and concise about their group's needs, including the flexibility threshold of what the group will do to get the lowest fare and/or best schedule (i.e. alternative dates, airports, etc.).

The UW group travel coordinator is responsible for providing the following information on the UW Group Reservation Request:

  • Dates of travel
  • If group requires departmental approval for ticket dates, pricing, etc. explain parameters and any flexibility for deviations from stated parameters.
  • Departure and destination airports
  • Number of travelers
  • Indicate whether price or schedule is the deciding factor in choosing flights (Fox is committed to obtaining the lowest possible price for University air arrangements, your group's schedule preferences may limit the ability to obtain the lowest available fare for your group).
  • Other services required, such as air charter, hotel or ground transportation
  • Method of payment

After submitting the University Group Reservation Request form you'll receive a confirmation email with the submission of your request and an assigned confirmation number. 

Note: Depending on the number of options that are required to be quoted, the complexity of the request and the air carrier's response time, it may take 48-72 hours to obtain quotes.

Below is an outline of the steps which will take place after the UW Group Travel Coordinator submits the UW Group Reservation Request to Fox World Travel:

  • After submitting the University Group Reservation Request form, you will receive a confirmation email with the submission of your request and an assigned confirmation number
  • Upon receipt of the University Group Reservation Request Form, the UW agent team will respond within one business day to confirm the request and to discuss any open questions.
  • The UW agent team will then reach out to the appropriate air carrier(s) to receive the quotes. Air carrier response times vary depending on the carrier and typically range between 48-72 hours. Longer response times are more typical with smaller international carriers; however, Fox will provide a status update to the group travel coordinator to confirm space and pricing.
  • Upon receipt of options from the carrier, the UW agent team will review for accuracy (dates, times, number of seats, etc.) and then expeditiously send the appropriate quotes to the group contact.

Please be assured Fox's main goal is to return the quotes as soon as possible with an appropriate balance for accuracy combined with the need to rely on the carriers for prompt response.

Note: Any deviations from the initial request will require a new request form.

Each group must have a primary travel coordinator (and backup). The group travel coordinator and backup will be the sole group contacts with the UW agent team at Fox World Travel regarding their group arrangements.

In order to expeditiously and effectively procure and pay for group travel the UW group travel coordinators are responsible for the following on behalf of their group:

  • Providing all details of the group’s intended trip, including specific or preferred travel dates; budget and preferred routing, where applicable.
  • If group requires departmental approval for ticket dates, pricing, etc. explain parameters and any flexibility for deviations from stated parameters.
  • Providing payment information on behalf of travelers, except when individual credit cards are being used.
  • When a services confirmation is provided by Fox, reviewing and understanding the requirements, noting and adhering to any applicable deadlines.
  • Ensuring that a UW authorized purchasing agent signs all letters of agreement or contracts when necessary, and the approved documents are sent to Fox World Travel in accordance with deadlines provided.
  • Meeting all provided deadlines for check payment and ensuring that checks are processed, mailed and received for suppliers well in advance of due dates.
  • Coordinating with their institution’s Purchasing Card Administrator to raise purchasing card transaction limits to cover anticipated group costs well in advance of ticketing deadlines and until transactions are posted.
  • For air block space, providing the following airline and TSA required information for all travelers in the group:
    • full legal name as it appears on their photo ID (passport for international travel)
    • date of birth
    • gender
    • group emergency contact name/phone number
    • individual traveler emergency contact name/phone number
    • In the case of international travel, passport number, expiration date and country of issue

All information must be provided in the formatted Excel spreadsheet as required by the University to serve as official documentation of the request and to insure accuracy.

Fox Group Block Name List Template xlsx

Note: In cases where Fox World Travel has not been provided the required information or received payment in accordance with the supplier required dates and deadlines, Fox will be unable to hold your group’s pricing and available space which will result in loss of held space and/or will increase the cost of the fare and impact available capacity.


The UW group travel coordinator is encouraged to share as much information as possible regarding their group's needs in order for the UW agent team at Fox World Travel to obtain the most customized and accurate quotes possible. A charge card must be provided to Fox World Travel for reservation guarantee purposes.

For hotel, ground transportation and charter air needs, Fox World Travel commits to the following service level expectations. Exceptions may apply due to service provider availability limitations.



Hotel Sourcing5 hotel quotes
Ground Transportation3 ground transportation quotes
Charter Air2 charter air quotes

Cancellation Penalties, Sourcing and Minimum Commitment Fees 

Hotel blocks, ground transportation and charter air contracts cancelled after the execution of the contract will be charged for any cancellation penalty in the contract, as well as the minimum.  Group travel coordinators are responsible for the payment of any penalties associated with contract cancellation penalties.  NOTE: Service, Sourcing and Minimum Commitment (groups sourced but not utilized) Fees paid to Fox World Travel are billed to the group leader. 

When sourcing of hotel, ground transportation or charter air, contracts must be reviewed and signed by staff within your institution's purchasing office prior to quotes being provided by Fox World Travel. In addition, most hotel, ground transportation and charter air suppliers will require the UW institution's purchasing office to sign a contract outlining the services to be provided and their terms. University group travel coordinators should plan for additional time for contract or agreement review and signing. Additionally, group travel coordinators as well as other administrative staff are reminded that they do not have the authority to sign these contracts and agreements.


All payments must be made by University Purchasing or Corporate travel cards. It is the responsibility of the card holder to ensure credit limits have been raised well in advance of ticketing dates and to ensure the higher limit is in place until transactions have posted to the card. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the loss of held space and/or increase in fare. These additional fees will be the responsibility of the University's arranging department.

The UW group travel coordinator must provide all necessary charge card information to the UW team agent at the time of arrangements. Required payment information includes: card holder name and billing address, charge card number, expiration date, and security code. This information must be shared by phone and will be securely encrypted for transmission to the airline and/or depending on UW department preference, securely stored in a group travel profile for future use by the UW group travel coordinator. For UW group travel coordinators that have charge card information stored in Concur, Fox World Travel is unable to utilize Concur payment information so the group travel coordinator will have to provide the information listed above to UW team agent.

Note: Do not pass charge card information through email or fax. The most secure way is to CALL in the information and provide verbally. Once received by Fox, it will be securely stored.

In cases where airline reservations must be paid with two or more forms of payment (i.e. split between University and personal card, etc.), the minimum amount to be charged is $25.00.

  • In the case of group block space, split payment is not an option, as all travelers have to be booked using the same form of payment.
  • Due to carrier limitations, split form of payments are not available when purchasing tickets on instant purchase or ticket-less carriers (i.e. Southwest, Frontier) or on some international carriers (i.e. British Air).
  • Many International carriers will not allow split payment

By setting up a default charge card payment method, Fox World Travel is authorized by the University to charge any additional costs beyond the original airline ticket to the default card unless the group travel coordinator makes alternative payment arrangements at the time of original ticket issuance.

In the cases where an air carrier requires payment by check, the group travel coordinator will be advised by Fox World Travel. The group travel coordinator will have the option of sending a university issued check, paying by ACH fund transfer or using a charge card. All check payments must be received by Fox World Travel by the given due date to guarantee your space.

Note: A 3% convenience fee will apply for all payments requiring a check, but made via charge card. The convenience fee covers the costs that Fox incurs to issue a check on the University's behalf.

Additional information regarding International travel such as passports, travel visas, immunization requirements, foreign currency, and insurances may be found on UW TravelWIse International booking page. 


Faculty-Led Program Training

Daily meal and incidental expense per diems for all foreign locations (including all related taxes and tips) can be found using the Lodging/Meal and Incidental Calculator. If the location of travel is not listed, the 'Other' rate will apply.

Any meals provided by international hosts, conferences, or others cannot be claimed for reimbursement and should be noted as such within your e-Reimbursement Meals & Incidentals Per Diem expenses.

For foreign travel, the incidental portion of the per diem varies by location. The incidental portion includes the following expenses:

  • Fees and tips given to services staff - such as restaurant wait staff, porters, baggage handlers, hotel housekeeping or other service staff, valet, train, etc.
  • Transportation between places of lodging or business to obtain meals when not obtainable within the immediate vicinity
  • Phone calls
  • Laundry, dry cleaning, etc.
  • Bottled water


Make your reservations through our contract with Travel Incorporated and take full advantage of expert international reservation services.

Before you purchase tickets for international travel, be aware that the Fly America Act/Open Skies Agreement requires that Americans (University travelers) who fly internationally using funds from the federal government (federal funds = grants) utilize a U.S. flag carrier, with few exceptions.


  • When there is no nonstop or direct service offered by a U.S. carrier
  • When travel solely outside the U.S. increases the number of aircraft changes en route to more than two
  • When the passenger’s travel time is extended by at least 6 hours
  • When the connecting time is 4 hours or more at an overseas interchange point

Additional information on the Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreement can be found here and at the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).


Interview candidates

Potential candidates, although not state employees, are welcomed to campus for the purpose of interviewing for a potential position with UW-La Crosse. Candidates are subject to same UW travel policies, best business practices, and process standards as employees. Listed below are some guidelines when inviting potential candidates to campus for interviewing purposes.

Guidelines - Interview Candidate & Employee/Host

Interview Candidate

How to Arrange and Pay for Interview Candidate Travel pdf

  • All travel reservations must be booked via Concur or Travel Incorporated.
  • Departments may wish to set up an Administrative Group for Interview Candidate Travel

How to Set-Up and Pay a Non-Employee

  • Interview candidates are considered non-employees
  • Once completed, the employee contact can enter an e-Reimbursement on behalf of the non-employee/interview candidate
  • Necessary information to complete the form:
    • Non-employee full legal name and mailing address
    • University funding string
    • Date of first purchase for which reimbursement will be requested


How to Create an e-Reimbursement for Hosted Meals with Interview Candidates

  • The employee serving as host for the meal coordinates and renders payment on behalf of interview candidate and others attending the meal
  • Meal expenses are limited to Hosted Meal Rates
  • The purchase of alcoholic beverages with University administered funds is prohibited


Direct Bill at La Crosse Area Hotels pdf

Students & non-employees

Travel arrangements for UWL students and non-employees can be coordinated through either a department Travel Coordinator. Student and non-employee travel arrangements are subject to the same UW travel policies, best business practices, and process standards as University employees.

Driving Personal Vehicle

Students who are required to drive on University-sponsored business must be authorized to drive in accordance with UWSA Policy 615-Vehicle Use and Driver Authorization and follow university guidelines prior to using personal vehicles, rental vehicles, or fleet services. 

Note: In addition to receiving driver authorization, successful completion and certification of Van Training is required prior to renting 12-15 passenger vans. Certification is required to be presented when renting a 12-15 passenger van.

Business mileage will be reimbursed at the IRS-authorized mileage rate in effect on the date of travel using the most direct route. 

Standard Rate

  •  $0.655 per mile


How to Set Up and Pay a Non-Employee



The purpose of the Employee Relocation Expense Policy is to provide guidance to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (University) regarding reimbursement for relocation expenses incurred by new personnel. This policy provides further clarification of the University of Wisconsin System Administrative Policy 240: Relocation (Household Moves) and Temporary or Indefinite Work Assignments.

 Functional Owner Controller
 Executive Sponsors Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance
 Policy Contact Assistant Controller

Who This Policy Applies To

All employees


The purpose of the Employee Relocation Expense Policy is to provide guidance to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (University) regarding reimbursement for relocation expenses incurred by new personnel. This policy provides further clarification of the University of Wisconsin System Administrative Policy 240: Relocation (Household Moves) and Temporary or Indefinite Work Assignments.


The Employee Relocation Expense Policy on this page applies to offers made on January 1, 2023, or after. This version changed the relocation policy to a stipend-only model. Relocation offers made before January 1, 2023, are covered under the previous policy. An archived copy of that version of the policy can be viewed here: Employee Relocation Expense Policy for Offers Made Before January 1, 2023

Policy Detail


The following policy information is effective as of January 1st, 2023. Appointment letters issued prior to this date will be treated under the rules of the previous policy which differentiated direct costs from indirect costs.

Taxable Reimbursement

In accordance with IRS regulations, effective January 1, 2018, the reimbursement or payment of any relocation costs under this policy are considered taxable income and subject to applicable income and employment taxes.


Reimbursement of relocation expenses for new employees, including Faculty and IAS, Academic Staff, and University Staff, may be authorized and funded through the hiring department. The reimbursement of expenses may be offered up to the maximum amounts allowed for relocation costs as defined by the employee’s appointment letter. Reimbursement is not allowed for employees appointed as University Staff Temporary (formerly limited term employees (LTEs) or project positions. To be eligible for reimbursement, an employee relocation generally needs to be within 50 miles of the city of La Crosse for a position with on-campus employment. The relocation must be completed no later than one year from the effective date of the appointment or the end of probation, whichever is later.

Reimbursement Amounts

Reimbursement amounts for relocation will be specified in the appointment letter.

Faculty and IAS, Academic Staff, and University Staff positions:

  • The former residence must be at least 50 miles from the university.
  • A stipend of up to $4,000 may be provided for relocation costs.

Positions titled Director or above:

  • The former residence must be at least 50 miles from the university.
  • A stipend of up to $6,000 may be provided for relocation costs.
Relocation Costs

Payment of a stipend directly to the employee is allowed to cover relocation costs. A stipend may not be paid more than 30 days before the employee’s start date. Receipts are not required for reimbursement (employees are advised to retain all receipts for personal tax filing purposes), but a fully executed appointment letter is required as an attachment with the reimbursement request.

Relocation Using Commercial Carriers 

UW System Financial Administration has contracts established with SIRVA Van Lines (Piepho Moving and Storage) and UniGroup Van Lines (United Van Lines) for the relocation of household goods that university employees may use.

Travel authorization

How to Create Travel Authorizations in the Expense Module

UWL Travel Authorization Guide - Updated March 2022 pdf

Travel Authorizations may be used to obtain departmental pre-trip approval, according to current policies. Travel Authorization requests include estimated expenses such as airfare, lodging, meals, etc. For Meals and Incidentals, use the Lodging/Meal and Incidental Calculator for estimates. In the Travel Authorization, use expense type "Travel Miscellaneous" and enter the description "Meals & Incidentals." Then, enter the amount from the calculator.

Meal & incidental expense per diem allowance

Individual University business travelers are eligible to receive a meal & incidental expense (M&IE) per diem allowance whenever travel requires an overnight stay. The M&IE per diem allowance covers individual, out-of-pocket meals and incidental expenses.

The M&IE per diem allowance includes all meals as well as incidental expenses defined as:

  • Fees and tips given to restaurant wait staff, bell hops, porters, baggage handlers, hotel housekeeping, valet, service staff on trains or ships.
  • Transportation between places of lodging or business and places where meals are taken.
  • Laundry, dry cleaning, and pressing of clothing
  • Mailing and other expenses associated with filing expense reports
  • Bottled water (for international travel needs)

Day trip travel without an overnight stay does not qualify for the M&IE per diem allowance.  If your day travel requires you to spend money for a meal(s), the approving authority may authorize a $15 day trip meal allowance.  This allowance is tax reportable to you.

The M&IE per diem allowance does not require receipts for payment.  Do not submit receipts to the University for M&IE per diem.  The I.R.S. does recommend that all business travelers retain receipts for any business travel expenses incurred for personal tax filing purposes.

No.  The reimbursement plan has been designed to fairly compensate all travelers. While the rate maximums apply to all, the supervisor or approving authority may limit a travelers overall trip budget.

No.  A M&IE per diem allowance is only allowed for individual travelers that incur meal and incidentals expenses as a result of over-night travel, pay out-of-pocket and file for their own reimbursement.  If a student traveler does the above, they would file for their own M&IE per diem reimbursement.  If you continue to provide this for the student, they cannot.

When a University group leader provides money to students (or members of a team) for purchase of their own meal the expense limits fall under the same limit structure as Headquarter City and UW Sponsored Events.  The amount of meal money given should be reasonable and in keeping to the type of student activity/travel and meals being provided.

All meal expenses must be supported by itemized receipts.  In cases where meal money is given to students to purchase a meal on their own, the standard signature form, signed by the student to acknowledge the receipt of meal money, will be used in lieu of the restaurant receipt.

The maximum rates, including gratuity and tax, by location and meal expense type are:


Within Wisconsin

 Outside Wisconsin














An individual traveler’s personal meal & incidental expense (M&IE) per diem allowance cannot be used to pay for items related to University Sponsored Events or any other related business entertainment activity that includes meals, food or beverages whether the expense is incurred in travel status or at the headquarter location.

Meal limits, receipt requirements and other documentation for hosting expenses is part of the UW Headquarter City & Sponsored Events policy.  Please review the requirements.

Yes, the M&IE per diem allowance is applicable to all individuals that travel for University purposes.

Headquarter city & UW sponsored events

No.  When making food and beverage arrangements you do not have to spend the maximum amount per meal. Let the food and beverage staff know what your budget is and request food and beverage options that align with your budget.  If you are accustomed to using a hotel’s “state rate menu” to stay within your budget, you can continue to request that.

These type of meal expenditures are considered “hosted meals”.  Meal maximums and policy requirements for hosting a meal are the same as what is contained within the Headquarter City and UW Sponsored Events Policy.

All hosted meal expenses must be supported by a business purpose, itemized receipts and a list of attendees. The meal purchase(s) should be reasonable, need not be at the maximum amount, and in keeping with the type of student activity/travel and meals being provided.

The maximum rates, including gratuity and tax, by location and meal expense type are:


Within Wisconsin

 Outside Wisconsin













Travel Policy

The university will pay for the most economical form of transportation to reach your business destination and return. That will often be by air for out of state business. If you elect to travel by car, that’s a personal choice and your reimbursement will be limited to the lowest cost. You will have to provide a cost comparison which includes airfare and all related air expenses (airport parking, taxi from airport to hotel and back, and mileage from home to airport and return), and car mileage and related costs (including additional work hours for travel time) for the travel to the destination and return. This cost comparison, including the additional work hours for travel time, must be discussed and approved by your supervisor prior to travel.

Note: The comparisons will need to be attached to your expense report to support the elective to drive vs. fly and expedite your reimbursement.

For more information see the process guidelines: Determining the Appropriate Mode of Transportation and 1201 Purchase & Payment of Business Air Travel

There are a number of things to consider in this situation, for instance, can you pay to ship the equipment and travel by the lowest cost transportation option? Is it less costly to drive your personal vehicle and carry the equipment with you? Can you rent a car for less than the mileage cost for driving your own vehicle? The university will pay for the most economical form of transportation to reach your business destination and return, including the need to transport the equipment.

You will need to prepare a comparison of the various possible methods of transportation that will meet the need in determining lowest cost. You should then discuss options and cost with your supervisor as the approving authority has responsibility for determining the most appropriate mode of transportation.

For more information see the procedure: Determining the Appropriate Mode of Transportation

UW System Travel FAQs

General Booking


Concur is an online booking tool that University of Wisconsin System employees can use to book university-sponsored individual air, car or hotel reservations. Our contracted travel agency, Travel Incorporated, licenses Concur for University Travelers to use. Travelers can manage their itinerary, view changes, and research pricing by using Concur.

To register for Concur, users can log into Concur via the SSO link ( New users will be directed to the Concur registration page. Registrations are reviewed and approved within 48 hours.

 Concur cannot be used for personal travel reservations, unless purchasing business travel combined with personal travel. Cost comparisons must be obtained when booking air travel.

Travel Incorporated Concur Support Desk

Navigational issues, or other Concur technical questions.

Phone: (877) 811-9898, #3

Forgot Password?

Submit a request to Concur for a password reset. Your username is your current institutional email address.

New User Registration

Concur registration for new users. Registration is limited to employees. The use of a university e-mail address is required for user name.

Additional Support

Overview of Concur Homepage (Video)
Homepage Tip Sheet (PDF)
How to find the lowest fares in Concur

Contact your institution’s travel manager for additional support questions.

Personalized SAP Concur Open Updates

Personalized up-to-the-minute service availability and performance information

  1. OPI-5858869 : US2 : Expense | Travel | Invoice | Analysis/Intelligence : Root Cause Analysis

    In the US2 Data Center expense report submissions, invoice submissions, and accessing, running, or viewing Analysis/Intelligence reports through the SAP Concur website and SAP Concur mobile app were below expected level. Users may have experienced errors or latency when performing various tasks. The root cause of the incident has been identified as a combination of anomalous volume of internal service authentication requests primarily caused by a firmware defect in internal traffic management devices in the environment, and a regular service maintenance activity by our cloud service provider, which resulted in restart loops of the authentication services leading to intermittent failure. Corrective Actions: A firmware update was applied to the impacted traffic management devices to resolve the anomalous authentication request issue. Additionally, several initiatives have been initiated as a result of learnings from this incident: - Monitoring and detection: additional service metrics have been identified within the authentication services which are now exposed to service teams for better analysis of service activity and anomalies. - Alerting and notification have been implemented / strengthened to increased awareness and reaction speed at the early stages of service degradation. - A collaboration with our cloud provider has been initiated with the goal to further fortify services against anomalous load conditions.

  1. OPI-5858869 : US2 : Expense | Travel | Invoice | Analysis/Intelligence : Issue Resolved

    In the US2 Data Center, expense report submissions, invoice submissions, accessing, running or viewing Analysis/Intelligence reports, and completing travel searches through the SAP Concur website and SAP Concur mobile app were below expected level. Users may have experienced latency or errors when attempting to complete tasks. The Incident Response Team (IRT) made a routing configuration change on a networking service tier to restore service. We have verified that service performance is stable and will now resolve the incident. An investigation into the root cause of this incident will be conducted , and a root cause analysis report provided when that investigation is complete.

  • UW Travel Arrangers can establish an Administrative Group code so students and guests can contact Travel Inc to book on their own.
  • Guests and students can work through University employees who have active profiles in Concur to book airfare, lodging and vehicle rentals.

Yes, the university’s contracted travel agencies can assist with companion/family travel.  However, please keep in mind their primary responsibility is to service university sponsored/business-related travel.  The consultants do not specialize in vacation travel. If your request exceeds their capacity, you will be referred to a vacation/leisure consultant. Also, keep in mind, service fees will apply to personal travel/companions.

It is the responsibility of the hosting department to ensure that all guests of the University are aware of UW Travel Policies. Guests should be provided a copy of the University’s Visitor Travel Guide prior to scheduling travel.  If the guest books outside of policy, please reach out to your campus travel manager to inquire about obtaining an approved Travel Policy Exception.

There are several different types of insurance available to UW Employees.  Please reach out to your Human Resources Representative for more information.

Insurance that is specific to travel –

  • Vehicle coverage through the Big Ten contract (Enterprise and National) and State of Wisconsin contract (Hertz)
  • CISI – medical insurance required for students who are traveling internationally. UW-Stout and UW-Madison employees are required to register for CISI insurance when traveling abroad. Contact your campus travel manager for more information.

* The University does not pay for or reimburse trip insurance.

We have created a Group Travel Resource page to identify the different needs of groups. Most likely, you will have to work with an agent, as agents are best to assist your group needs. Information on groups can be found in Group Travel under Planning in TravelWIse.


No. Because of our commitment to duty of care and our relationship with vendors, UW will still require the use of our contracted travel agency partners for all airfare purchases.

No, UW air contract cannot be used for travel that is 100% personal in nature.   However, when combining personal travel with business travel, UW air contracts can be used.

Yes, travelers can combine personal and business travel and book individual tickets through Travel Incorporated. When a traveler elects to combine personal travel days with business travel, cost comparisons must also be obtained to ensure that the University is paying for the business trip dates only. A cost comparison must be provided to show the cost of the lowest appropriate airfare for the business travel dates only and another with the added personal dates. The lower of the two comparisons will be paid or reimbursed by the University.

Valid Cost Comparisons: Concur or agents from one of the university’s contracted travel agencies must be used for cost comparisons. Because of pricing and availability fluctuations, accurate cost comparisons must be done immediately, in succession, to be valid.

No, companions/family members are not eligible to receive UW contracted airline discounts.

No. All agencies have access to the same airline/car/hotel information in their GDS system and through airline group desks. If you get a quote from one agency, they may hold space with the carrier and tie up inventory that the other agency would then not have access to. This is highly discouraged and not an efficient use of time or resources.

If you have spent time with Fox, beyond intake, continue working with Fox

Work with Travel Incorporated as the ‘group’ portion is less than 10.

The travel agencies will help you determine what type of group you need.  As a general rule, if you have 10 or more travelers, who will all be traveling together on the same flight, non-NCAA travel - you will work with Fox World Travel. If you have a group of 10 or more who will all be booking individually (i.e. traveling on different flights or paying with different credit cards), book with Travel Incorporated.

National/Enterprise and Hertz are the contracted suppliers for UW.

Personal use may be added in conjunction with a business trip, either at the beginning of the end of your reservation. . Please note additional coverage such as CDW or LDW are not included when reserving a strictly personal rental. The coverage can be added for additional fees. 

View the Personal Use Contracts page for more information.

Users are highly encouraged to book all vehicle rentals through Concur or our contracted travel agency partners as contract details are built into the booking channels.  However, booking directly with a vehicle rental agency is allowed.  When booking outside of Concur/contracted travel agencies, it is the responsibility of the traveler/arranger to make sure the contracted vendors are being used (Enterprise/National and Hertz). 

Verify hours of operation at the Enterprise location you are renting from.  It is possible that the location is closed at the time you are entering into Concur. 

Note: pick-up and/or drop-off hours may need to be modified to accommodate the location hours of operation.

If you have determined that Enterprise does not have any cars available, explore other options.  Look into renting from National or Hertz, and if none of our preferred partners have availability you may want to condenser driving your personal vehicle or work with our travel agency to use another vendor.

Contact your campus travel manager for assistance in determining the best alternative.


Note: Most Airport locations are open on weekends.


Yes. While we highly recommend using Concur or our contracted travel agencies, policy does allow you to contact the hotel directly (either by phone or on the hotel website) to book your lodging reservation.

No. Third party booking websites are prohibited under the travel policy


Third Party bookings are still restricted (such as Expedia and Orbitz).

Please visit our Airbnb page for more information.

Conference lodging should be booked using the link provided with your conference registration or by contacting the conference hotel directly.

Note: Users are highly encouraged to search Concur for the conference hotel(s) as often rates found within Concur are less costly than the conference rate.

We highly encourage you to use UW preferred properties whenever possible. Booking with a preferred property allows the UW System to act as a liaison in the event there is an issue with your stay, and to ensure rates are below the maximum. However, bookings with non-preferred properties will still be reimbursed.

If you are unable to find lodging within a reasonable distance from your location, you are required to provide documentation (i.e. screenshots from Concur) that a lower rate was not available.

Contact Information

Interim UW-La Crosse Travel Manager:
Becky Kopidlansky

Training Recordings

Travel Training

April 2, 2024

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E-Reimbursement Training

April 4, 2024

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Travel & Concur Training

January 9, 2024

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E-Reimbursement Training

January 11, 2024

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Upcoming Trainings

Keep in mind we are switching from Travel Inc to Fox World Travel July 1, 2024. Please sign up for agency transition webinars presented by the whole Travel team to learn more. Details found at