“I have confidence in the process used to approve the co-generation facility on the UW-Madison campus. I believe every state and university regulatory procedure has been followed.

“This project has been managed by the Wisconsin Department of Administration and approved by DOA, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the state Public Service Commission. Dozens of meetings have been held through the past few years on this project, including public hearings, neighborhood meetings and citizen forums. The environmental concerns were fully heard and addressed, and there has been ample input by the general public in the approval process.

“UW System President Katharine Lyall and members of the Board of Regents who sit on certain utility boards abstained from participating in regent discussion and votes on the project. Further, none of those officials has been involved in the day-to-day planning for the facility.

“I believe the facility has received all of the appropriate reviews and approvals and has been carefully designed to meet the energy needs of the UW-Madison campus and surrounding areas. Further comment would be inappropriate, given that the matter is now under litigation.”

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