“The final 2005-07 state budget signed today will make it possible for the University of Wisconsin System to further the Board of Regents’ priorities of student access and Wisconsin success.

“The Board of Regents, President Reilly and our campuses are acutely aware of the impacts of rising college costs, and that’s why we’re pleased this budget includes $8 million more in financial aid to help our neediest students attend college. Our campuses have the $34 million they expected as part of their state support, and can prepare to manage budget cuts as the fall semester begins. We’re also excited to begin our work on expanding access to baccalaureate degrees, so more students can contribute to Wisconsin’s success in our growing knowledge economy.

“The Governor’s vetoes show support for Regent oversight of student academic policy and the Board’s role in encouraging innovative campus collaborations. Nevertheless, the UW System faces difficult decisions to remain efficient and effective while managing $90 million in budget cuts and reallocations. We look forward to a public-policy discussion about the UW’s role for Wisconsin’s future in the upcoming months.”

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