Mark Bradley, President, University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents Kevin P. Reilly, President, University of Wisconsin System

“We applaud the Senate for its strong support of the University of Wisconsin System and the university’s Growth Agenda for Wisconsin.

“Legislators have found common ground in plans to open more university slots for Wisconsin students, and efforts to boost statewide economic development. Equally important, legislators are taking steps to preserve the quality of teaching and research at UW campuses by funding the UW System’s ongoing operations – our cost-to-continue. With strong support today, we can better serve the state tomorrow.

“Action to restore some of the cuts the UW sustained in recent years helps keep tuition reasonable for hard-working Wisconsin families. In partnership with all state legislators, we hope to reverse the trend of cuts in university funding, which shift too much of the financial burden to students.

“Yesterday, we joined with Governor Jim Doyle and other key leaders in announcing a major federal grant, putting UW-Madison and all of Wisconsin at the leading edge of bioenergy research. Without the support of state legislators, and investments they make in our public university, we would be on the sidelines while other states celebrate these kinds of victories.

“The Senate also included our technical request regarding telecommunications funding for UW campuses, ensuring that all 160,000 students have reliable access to electronic data networks. While state taxpayers won’t notice any change as a result, students on all 26 campuses will see tangible benefits from this action.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with members of the Assembly, to achieve our shared vision of helping more Wisconsin residents earn college degrees, while also strengthening our state’s ability to compete in the global economy.”

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