“Governor Doyle’s proposed budget recognizes that investing in the University of Wisconsin System will mean a better economy for all Wisconsin taxpayers, and more college opportunities for Wisconsin’s kids and working adults.

“This budget would enable us to invest in every part of the UW’s ‘Growth Agenda for Wisconsin.’ We carefully developed this plan to directly respond to the needs of working families across the state, from Milwaukee to Superior, from Stevens Point to Platteville, from La Crosse to Green Bay. This budget would improve teaching and research, expand financial aid, and strengthen local economies. It’s a budget that will help more Wisconsin students from every legislative district earn four-year college degrees, and use university resources to grow more jobs in Wisconsin’s knowledge economy, delivering real return on investment to taxpayers in every legislative district.

“Community leaders, business executives, and elected officials are publicly endorsing these investments in the UW. They know that Wisconsin needs to strengthen its public university system to stay competitive in the knowledge economy. It is the voices of these community leaders and Wisconsin residents that will make a difference as this budget heads to the Legislature.

“We’ll know much more about this budget after we review all the details, but I’m grateful to the Governor for proposing substantial reinvestments in the UW System. As the budget moves forward, I look forward to working with legislative leaders in both houses, on both sides of the aisle, so this state can wisely invest in the university for the benefit of students and taxpayers across the state.”

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