MADISON—Wisconsin offers one of the most efficient educational systems in the country, as state residents rank second nationally in their opportunity to earn a four-year degree from a public university, according to a new University of Wisconsin System report.

The report cites three central factors that contribute to Wisconsin’s educational efficiency. First, Wisconsin has the fourth-highest high-school graduation rate in the country. Second, the UW System serves a large number of these graduates, giving it the 11th highest service rate nationally for students who enroll in public universities immediately after high school. Third, the UW System ranks 14th in the nation for six-year graduation rates at public four-year universities.

“Put these three factors together, and Wisconsin and the UW System are very efficient in graduating students and serving the public,” said Frank Goldberg, UW System associate vice president of policy analysis and research.

Goldberg presented his report to a UW System Board of Regents study committee on Thursday morning (Nov. 6). He shared his findings with the “Achieving Operating Efficiencies” study group, one of five panels that comprise the regents’ “Charting a New Course for the UW System” study.

Other findings in Goldberg’s report outline the growth in new and transfer students in the UW System; indicate that more students are being served through distance education, credit outreach, dual enrollment (high school students earning college credits) and study abroad programs; and show that retention and graduation rates are rising as credits to degree are decreasing.

“We are getting people through the educational pipeline more quickly,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg’s November 2003 “Profile” report is on the Reports & Statistics site.

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