Report on status of Fall 2002 admissions process

Following Board of Regents’ action last month, our institutions have resumed their regular admissions processes. At the time of the admissions freeze, systemwide, we had admitted about 124,100 FTE (full-time equivalency) or about 94 percent of our planned target for Fall 2002. Institutions have been authorized to admit an additional 5,500 FTE, based on assurances that our budget cuts would not exceed the Governor’s recommended $51 million. We have been monitoring admissions numbers, and as of Wednesday about one-half of the additional 5,500 FTE have been admitted. The process is proceeding briskly and I believe we will reach the 5,500 FTE within the next week or so. At that time, we may know the final budget outcome for the University and then be able to consider whether additional admissions beyond the 5,500 FTE are warranted.

Good News

Regent Emeritus Clusen Receives Award: Former Regent Ruth Clusen, who served on the Board of Regents from 1983 to 1992 will be inaugurated into the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame on April 20 at Stevens Point’s Schmeeckle Reserve for her efforts to blend environmental protection with energy conservation and development. Other members include Aldo Leopold, John Muir, Fred Schmeeckle, and Gaylord Nelson. Ruth and Don live in Green Bay and continue to support UW System efforts in many ways. They were among the founding regents who established support for the Regents Teaching Awards.

UW-Milwaukee Finds Drinking Water: UW-Milwaukee hydrologists are helping state and local agencies figure out why water levels are dropping in many area wells. They are also examining why increasing amounts of radium, arsenic, and salinity are turning up in some Wisconsin well water. Seventy percent of Wisconsin population obtains its drinking water from ground water sources, so these findings will affect most of us, and form an important part of planning for future population growth and development in the state.

Athletics Championships: I’m pleased to report that UW institutions and teams have so far captured four NCAA Division III national championships and one NCGA Division III championship. These stellar teams are: Men’s Cross Country (La Crosse), Women’s Basketball (Stevens Point), Men’s Indoor Track & Field (La Crosse), Men’s Ice Hockey (Superior), and Women’s NCGA Gymnastics (La Crosse). These wins are part of an extraordinary history of Division III athletics throughout the UW System, and we continue to be very proud of our teams.

In addition, the Warhawk Wheelchair Basketball Team and the new Milwaukee Wheelchair Bucks both clinched the Division I and Division II National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) championships held March 30-31 at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Up until this year, the Warhawks had only one roster of players, but that number grew too large so it was split into two teams. All the Warhawk players are currently students at UW-Whitewater. The eight-man Bucks team is made up of five UW-Whitewater alumni, including Coach Steve Wilson, and three players from out of state. The team received $5,000 in start-up support from the Bucks last year.

Regent Resolution for WIAC teams

UW-Oshkosh Model UN: UW-Oshkosh’s Model UN Team received number one ranking as the “Outstanding Delegation” for the 18th consecutive year at the national Model UN Conference in New York City the past week. It’s hard to think of a more apt time in recent history for our students to be learning about world politics and world peace institutions. I’m very proud of UW-Oshkosh’s long distinction in preparing its students for global citizenship.

Helen McPhee: Finally, I’d like to note the recent passing of Helen Matson McPhee, a former UW-Madison journalism major, reporter for the Daily Cardinal, wife of Roy Matson, editor of the Wisconsin State Journal, and widow of Eugene McPhee, secretary of the Board of Regents of the Wisconsin State University System. Gene McPhee ultimately participated in the merging of the Wisconsin State University System into the UW System of today.

Supporting Materials

WIAC National Champions; other athletics honors



Whereas, in the past decade, UW institutions in the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference have captured 40 NCAA Division III championships and five National Collegiate Gymnastics Association Champions; and

Whereas, over the past six years, all 19 of the national championships that have been won by collegiate institutions (public and private in all NCAA divisions) in the State of Wisconsin have been won by WIAC institutions; and

Whereas, the WIAC is recognized as the premier Division III conference in the nation; and

Whereas, the 2001-2002 academic year has been a banner year for WIAC teams;

Now Therefore, Be It Resolved:

That the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents commends our student-athletes, coaches, staff and campus leaders at each of the nine WIAC institutions, and

That the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents particularly recognizes and honors the outstanding accomplishments of the following teams, their coaches and support staff during the past year:

The Women’s Basketball team at UW-Stevens Point for winning the 2002 Division III championship;
The Men’s Ice Hockey team at UW-Superior for winning the 2002 Division III championship and to Yellowjackets Coach Dan Stauber for being named the Division III national hockey coach of the year;
The Men’s Indoor Track and Field team at UW-La Crosse for winning the 2002 Division III championship;
The Women’s Gymnastics team at UW-La Crosse for winning the 2002 NCGA Division III championship; and
The Men’s Cross Country team at UW-La Crosse for winning the 2001 Division III championship.
Congratulations to all!