1. Blugold’s journey takes her from opera singer to award-winning poet and bestselling novelist

    Photo of Jacqueline Cobian West, who graduated from UW-Eau Claire in 2003 with a major in music and a minor in English. It didn’t take her long to realize that while she loved performing, her passion was writing. The Blugold now is a an award-winning poet and a New York Times bestselling author whose young adult novels are beloved by tweens, teens, parents and teachers.

    acqueline Cobian West came to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a love for music and a passion for writing. As a Blugold, she found plenty of opportunities on and off campus to immerse herself in both the performing arts and in literature.Shortly after graduating from UW-Eau Claire in 2003 with a major in music […]

  2. UW-Madison: Modeling COVID-19 infection based on movement can improve public health response

    Photo of Song Gao, UW-Madison geography professor

    An epidemic like COVID-19 relies on infected people mixing with uninfected people, — encounters that typically require one or both to move around. A new method for modeling the progression of pandemic infections incorporates location data from smartphones to give public health policymakers a more accurate picture of the way people in their communities are […]

  3. Engineering company partners with UW-Platteville to create Husco Scholars Program

    Photo of Husco International

    Husco International, a manufacturing and engineering company in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is giving University of Wisconsin-Platteville mechanical engineering students the opportunity to work full-time while pursuing their education. It is part of the Husco Scholars Program, through which the company will pay 100% tuition assistance for students earning degrees through UW-Platteville Engineering Partnerships. Husco Scholars are mentored and […]

  4. Crunch, crunch: UWO research shows teenage T. rex had a powerful bite

    Photo of UW Oshkosh paleontologist Joseph Peterson holding a model of a juvenile T. rex jaw

    By the age of 13, the bite force of a Tyrannosaurus rex could already puncture bone. The new University of Wisconsin Oshkosh research finding published June 2 in the journal PeerJ fills a gap in knowledge about what the world was like in the late Cretaceous Period. UW Oshkosh paleontologist Joseph Peterson and geology alumna Shannon Brink ’20, a […]

  5. Pursuing a career in biomedical research: UW-Eau Claire May ’21 graduate Jordan Munos

    Photo of Jordan Munos, who as a member of the student research team in the chemistry lab with Dr. James Phillips, found her passion for biomedical research. She is pictured here installing a liquid nitrogen trap on the preparatory vacuum line, just one of many complex instruments Blugold researchers like Munos learn to master.

    As an incoming Blugold four years ago, Jordan Munos knew she wanted to go to medical school, but wasn’t certain what major would be her best route to get there. The Aurora, Illinois, native gravitated toward science and discovered an intriguing degree program at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire that would combine chemistry and biology, […]

  6. UW-Milwaukee alum & teacher of the year stresses value of language

    Photo of UWM alum Susan Richardson teaching third grade at Milwaukee’s German Immersion School. (Photo courtesy of Susan Richardson)

    When Susan Richardson’s students take a test and come across the word perpendicular, they’re not fazed, even though they’ve learned the concept in German as “senkrecht auf einander.” “We have kids who never learned math in English, and they’ve never heard the word perpendicular in class, yet when they take standardized tests they score as […]

  7. UW-Whitewater grad students boost the morale, academics of school children

    Photo of school psychology graduate students Remi Larson, left, and Liv Russo studying in Laurentide Hall on Wednesday, April 27, 2021. They participated with their cohort in online academic interventions to help students at Washington Elementary School with math and reading.

    Affirmation comes in many forms. For Remi Larson, a graduate student in school psychology at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, it came when the fourth grader she was working with called out to his teacher, “Come here! Come here!” to show off the plus marks and a graph that told the story of his success. Larson watched the scene […]

  8. UW-Green Bay nursing faculty train with new manikins that will offer nursing students realistic patient healthcare scenarios

    Photo of a nursing instructor training on the new hi-tech human patient simulator inside the Aurora BayCare Nursing Skills Center on the UW-Green Bay Campus. These manikins offer nursing students with realistic patient healthcare scenarios for critical thinking and clinical skills training. UW-Green Bay's partnership with Aurora BayCare ensures our nursing students are prepared to deliver high-quality, safe patient care as they prepare for their clinical courses.

    Nursing instructors in UW-Green Bay’s College of Health, Education and Social Welfare, trained recently on the new high-tech patient simulators (or manikins) inside the Aurora BayCare Nursing Skills Center on the Green Bay Campus. Working with a trainer from the Laerdal company, faculty including Christine Vandenhouten, Susan Hopkinson, Sharon Gajeski, Nicole Gouin, Myunghee Jun and […]

  9. UWM engineering alumna builds a business in sustainable stormwater management

    Photo of Carrie Bristoll-Groll showing off StormGUARDen, a product her company launched that serves as a combination rain garden and rain barrel. (Photo courtesy of Carrie Bristoll-Groll)

    Wisconsin is blessed with an abundance of water. We have so much water, we often end up with too much in the wrong places at the wrong time. This water picks up undesirable elements and flows over a multitude of contaminated surfaces. A UWM alumna and local engineering guru noticed the lack of proper stormwater […]

  10. Mission to Mars: UW-La Crosse alum to talk June 23 about working with Mars rover

    Photo of Andrea Connell, ’08, who is part of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, which has helped oversee planning and operations for the Mars Perseverance Rover. Connell will discuss the project during the next installment of the UWL Alumni Association’s What’s New Wednesdays series June 23, 2021.

    How to watch Andrea Connell will discuss her work on the Mars Perseverance rover at 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 23, 2021, during the UWL Alumni Associations’ What’s New Wednesdays series. The program is free. Register. Mission to Mars A UW-La Crosse alum is helping NASA uncover the mysteries of Mars. Andrea Connell, ’08, is part […]