1. Laurel, Honor and Triumph: Trio of peregrine falcon chicks banded on Oshkosh campus

    Photo of peregrine falcon chick at UW Oshkosh

    The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is again home to young peregrine falcon chicks, who are nesting on the roof of the Gruenhagen Conference Center on the Oshkosh campus. This time […]

  2. Wisconsin high school teams face off in business model pitch contest at UW Oshkosh

    Photo of a Wisconsin high school team facing off in business model pitch contest at UW Oshkosh

    A student team from Kimberly High School impressed judges with their innovative clothing idea, winning the 2022 Wisconsin High School Business Model Competition held May 21 at the University of […]

  3. After storied communications career, UWO ’73 alumnus Tom Luljak finds coda leading WPR

    Photo of Tom Luljak, a 1973 radio TV film and speech education graduate, who was named interim head of Wisconsin Public Radio in October. (Tom Krueger Photography)

    Tom Luljak has come a long way since his shaggy hair and mustache-affixed smile made the pages of the Advance-Titan to promote his rock show on WRST-FM. The 1973 graduate of the […]

  4. UWO sustainability efforts earn US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools honor

    Photo of UW Oshkosh river research

    The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is celebrating Earth Day in a big way. UW Oshkosh learned Friday it has earned the prestigious U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Postsecondary […]

  5. UW Oshkosh partners with Fauna Bio in search of new treatments for human disease

    Photo of Ben Sajdak ’13, with Fauna Bio, and Dana Merriman, UWO biology professor emeritus, who will collaborate on 13-lined ground squirrel research through a new partnership.

    A new research collaboration between the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and the California-based biotech company Fauna Bio seeks to translate disease resistance strategies found in the animal kingdom into new […]

  6. UW Oshkosh professor hopes to try and crack another cold case

    Photo of University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Associate Anthropology Professor Jordan Karsten

    University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Associate Anthropology Professor Jordan Karsten will tackle another cold case—this time trying to get answers for northeast Wisconsin parents who have wondered 30 years about their […]

  7. Pandemic response: UWO researchers find better communication, clearer lines of authority needed

    Photo of UW Oshkosh researchers

    City managers and village administrators across the state say their experiences responding to the COVID-19 pandemic showed the need for better communication and clearer lines of authority regarding public health, […]

  8. At 28, recent UWO business grad became one of Culver’s youngest franchisees

    Photo of UW Oshkosh alumna Alexandria Mahoney

    Not all graduates from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Business march off to an office job with a jacket and a briefcase. Some, like Alexandria Mahoney, opt for […]

  9. UW Oshkosh: Olympics provide perfect jumping off point for teaching geography

    Photo of Heike Alberts with the Olympic flame at the Vancouver Paralympics in 2010.

    As a geographer and sports lover, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Heike Alberts naturally adores the Olympics, especially the winter games that showcase some of the world’s most beautiful snowcapped landscapes. […]

  10. New UWO research links continents to key transitions in Earth’s oceans, atmosphere and climate

    Photo depicting UW Oshkosh research on continents

    A new study led by University of Wisconsin Oshkosh geologist Timothy Paulsen advances the understanding of the role continents have played in the chemical evolution of Earth’s oceans, with implications […]