1. UWM alumna carves out a career in business and media, with an emphasis on the positive

    Photo of UW-Milwaukee alumna Nyesha Stone: Unsure about a career in traditional journalism, Nyesha Stone instead started a communications and public relations business, Carvd N Stone. “I couldn’t get the jobs I wanted, so I decided to make my own path.” (Photo courtesy of Nyesha Stone)

    When Nyesha Stone graduated from UWM in 2018 with her degree in journalism, advertising and media studies, she wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to go into traditional newspaper journalism […]

  2. UWM research seeks to find how small microplastics become in waterways

    Photo of Laodong Guo, professor of freshwater sciences, investigating the molecular structures of microplastics to determine how small they ultimately become in waterways. (UWM Photo/Elora Hennessey)

    The tsunami of plastic waste flooding into oceans and the Great Lakes eventually breaks down into bits that are about the size of a sesame seed in a process called […]

  3. Students get a boost from UWM’s American Indian education program

    Photo of Elizabeth Hennessey, who chose to specialize in American Indian education in part because she wanted to learn more about her own background and help other American Indian students learn more about their shared heritage. (UWM Photo/Kyle Bursaw)

    Jason Dropik is a school administrator working on a school superintendent certification. Holly Lebeck, a junior, is earning an education degree in social studies, preparing to work with fourth- through […]

  4. When hurricanes threaten, national media turn to UWM prof’s website

    Photo of Clark Evans, professor of atmospheric science in the School of Freshwater Sciences, who maintains a website that translates meteorological data into an accessible format so that it can be used to create maps. The graphics are also available every six hours through a Twitter account that is linked to the storm data. (UWM Photo Services)

    As hurricanes loomed over the southeast United States, both the Washington Post and the New York Times consulted a database on a UWM professor’s website for information on these storms, […]

  5. UWM film student captures reality of caring for someone with dementia

    Photo of UWM film student Riley Killian, who was inspired to pursue filmmaking when he saw "Star Wars" in fifth grade. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    Caring for someone with dementia can be a difficult, loving journey. UWM first-year film student Riley Killian captured that reality in a 45-minute documentary on the experiences of caregivers – “Unconditional: […]

  6. The fans are right: When it comes to football, momentum is real

    Photo of Paul Roebber, a UWM professor of mathematical sciences, who led a research team that used machine learning and 10 years of NFL play-by-play data to show that momentum in sports is a real phenomenon. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox).

    Another clutch play, another first down, and your team is on a roll. The fans go wild! Gonna win this game for sure… Not so fast, academics have long claimed […]

  7. UWM alum helps uncover oldest-ever human footprints discovered in North America

    Photo of soil rich with gypsum, which helped preserve human footprints from some 23,000 years ago at what is now White Sands National Park. (Photo courtesy of the National Park Service)

    Millennia ago, before the pyramids were built, before the development of pottery, before mammoths and mastodons went extinct, children were splashing in puddles on the shores of paleo-lake Otero in […]

  8. A grand opening for UWM’s Ziemer Clinical Simulation Center

    Photo of clinical instructor Allison Grady shows a baby manikin to guests touring the Ziemer Simulation Center. Looking on are Theresa Robinson (from left), Dave Robinson, Jos. Sauer and Kathryn Sauer. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    UWM celebrated the opening of the James and Yvonne Ziemer Clinical Simulation Center, a state-of-the-art facility designed to train the next generation of health care professionals, with a grand opening event on Nov. 1. […]

  9. UWM alum opens children’s bookstore focusing on people of color

    Photo of Ashley Valentine standing in Rooted MKE, her bookstore and tutoring center that focuses on the needs of Black, Indigenous and other people of color. “Books were kind of a haven for me. Now that I think about it, it’s sad. I was such an avid reader and had a love for reading, but I didn’t know there were books with characters who looked like me. I didn’t think people like me were capable of the things I was reading about.” (UWM Photo/Elora Hennessey)

    When Ashley Valentine was a child, she loved to read but was disappointed that few of the characters in books looked like her. “Books were kind of a haven for […]

  10. New UWM program aims to inspire MPS students in STEM fields and help community

    Photo of Mo Zell, interim dean of UWM's School of Architecture and Urban Planning, talking to students, their families and community members during a ribbon-cutting ceremony. (UWM Photo/Elora Hennessey)

    Visions of a vegetable harvest sprouted in Larry Keaton’s head as he marveled at the additions to his neighborhood’s community garden. Two new sturdy 10-by-15 foot wood structures with folding […]