1. UWM alum uses art to make a difference in her community

    Photo of Jeanette Arellano, who found a welcoming space in UWM’s ArtsECO program. “I felt like I was in the right place.” (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    When Jeanette Arellano was a child growing up in Houston, she struggled with English. Since Spanish was her first language, she had difficulty with most academic subjects. “There was no one to help me, but my art teachers helped me. Art was a way to express myself and connect everything that was going on in […]

  2. UWM scientist lands $542,000 NSF award for modeling virtual tumor tissues

    Photo of Mahsa Dabagh, a biomedical engineer at UW-Milwaukee’s College of Engineering & Applied Science, who specializes in computational modeling of how cells and organelles inside of cells sense and respond to changes in their surroundings. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    Cancerous tumors don’t happen in a vacuum. They develop in a cellular soup that can contribute to the disease’s progression. Mahsa Dabagh, a biomedical engineer at UWM’s College of Engineering & Applied Science, knows this first-hand. Her specialty is computational modeling of how cells and organelles inside of cells sense and respond to changes in […]

  3. UW-Milwaukee guarantees admission to regional tech college graduates

    Photo of UWM Chancellor Mark Mone (center) and the leaders of four regional technical colleges, who signed an agreement Tuesday to smooth the path for tech school graduates to attend the university. From left are MATC President Vicki Martin, WCTC President Richard Barnhouse, Moraine Park President Bonnie Baerwald and Gateway President Ritu Raju. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has reached new agreements with four regional technical colleges that will guarantee admission for their graduates and make transferring credits to UWM a simple, stress-free process. It’s one of the latest ways UWM continues to reduce barriers for students to attend college so they can earn a life-changing education. The agreements […]

  4. UWM: Storytelling as a research method offers insights into society’s needs

    Photo of Jessie Thompson (right) talking with a shopper as part of the Story Cart Project this summer. UW-Milwaukee graduate students traveled with a mobile "story cart" to 27 Milwaukee locations to question strangers about food to collect stories about how people connect through food. (Photo courtesy of the Center for 21st Century Studies)

    Buying or obtaining groceries and preparing food may sound like mundane tasks, but collecting information on how people seek and connect with food can actually foster understanding and help us communicate in a polarized world, said Nicole Welk-Joerger. Welk-Joerger, former deputy director of UWM’s Center for 21st Century Studies, directed the center’s Story Cart Project, in which UWM […]

  5. UWM alum and sister make it to finals of ‘LEGO Masters’

    Photo of UW-Milwaukee alum Paul Wellington and his sister, Nealita Nelson, who competed on this season’s “LEGO Masters” competition show. (Tom Griscom photo courtesy of Fox)

    UWM alum Paul Wellington and his sister, Nealita Nelson, made it to the finale of the fourth season of “LEGO Masters,” ending up third overall. The final episode aired Thursday on Fox. Wellington, who was featured in a November UWM Report story, earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture from UWM’s School of Architecture and […]

  6. New portal, piloted at UWM, speeds the process of licensing for health care professionals

    Photo of Kim Litwack, dean of UWM's College of Health Professions and Sciences, speaking at the Nov. 14 event introducing a new tool to help build Wisconsin's health care workforce. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    A new tool will speed the licensing process for Wisconsin workers in health care fields by better connecting the state’s licensing agency – the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) – with the Universities of Wisconsin. DSPS Secretary Dan Hereth and Universities of Wisconsin President Jay Rothman joined UWM College of Health Professions […]

  7. New UW-Milwaukee master’s degree prepares students to become registered dietitians

    Photo of Lori Klos (left), associate professor, and Stephanie Send, clinical assistant professor (right), celebrating with the first cohort of students in the new MPH Nutrition and Dietetics program at UWM: Delaney Ortiz (from left of Klos), Cianna Colon, Erica Brincka, David Jakubek and Zachary Long. Not pictured is Lora Taylor de Oliveira, clinical associate professor. (UWM Photo/ Elora Hennessey)

    This fall, UW-Milwaukee (UWM) is offering a brand-new master’s of public health (MPH) degree track in nutrition and dietetics that will prepare graduates to be eligible to take the exam needed to become a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). It is one of only two master’s programs in dietetics available in the Milwaukee area. Effective January 2024, […]

  8. UWM research: Citizen scientists can now also use their brains to help find new pulsars

    Photo of UWM pulsar researchers

    Citizen scientists have provided important help to astronomers exploring the heavens, and now they are invited to take a more hands-on role. In their efforts to scour the universe for evidence of gravitational waves, scientists have enlisted the help of 15,000 volunteers who donated their private computers’ downtime in a citizen-science project called Einstein@Home. Begun by […]

  9. UWM and Medical College team up to give students opportunities to pursue cancer research careers

    Photo of the 2022-23 cohort of the MCW Cancer Center and UWM Undergraduate Research Program included Molly Adams, Lauren Banaag, Alexia Castillo, Zechariah Cummings, Chad Darnell, Evelyn Doan, Ranjak Joshi, Rachel Kuehn, Ryan Lauer, Suha Malik, Eman Muhammad, Han Nguyen, Florin Saitis and Jenzy Walugembe. Also pictured are Kyla Esguerra (far left), UWM director of undergraduate research; Michele Battle (third from left), professor of cell biology, neurobiology and anatomy at MCW; and MCW Cancer Center director Gustavo Leone (right). (Photo courtesy of Kyla Esguerra)

    A new partnership between UW-Milwaukee and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Cancer Center is paving the way for undergraduate students to gain experience on the frontlines of cancer research. The MCW Cancer Center and UWM Undergraduate Research Program wrapped up its inaugural year as students in the program finished their summer research in the MCW Cancer […]

  10. What’s in a name? For craft beers, it matters

    Photo of Stanislav Dobrev, professor of organizations and strategic management in the UWM Lubar College of Business, showing some examples of craft beer names. Positive names include Sunny Little Thing and Happy Place. More negative or quirky names are Voodoo Ranger and Deadhead. The latter duo had better online reviews, according to Dobrev's study, because they were perceived as more authentic. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    Pathological Lager. Tactical Nuclear Penguin. On the Wings of Armageddon. Breakout bands touring this summer? No. These are just some of the thousands of clever, weird and edgy names of craft beers, which continue to grow in popularity throughout the United States. There were 539 American craft breweries in 1994. In 2022, the count stood […]