1. Bringing the Universe to Wisconsin presents at UW-Platteville

    children learning

    PLATTEVILLE, Wis.­­­ — Six University of Wisconsin-Platteville graduates returned to campus to present their experience living in Antarctica and working on the $280 million project, Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center for the National Science Foundation. IceCube was primarily a physics collaboration, but required engineering components with constructing the infrastructure, machines and tools used for studying […]

  2. Practicing what we teach

    teacher teaching students

    The professor knelt on the brightly carpeted floor to introduce herself to a small child. “My name is Dr. Fox and I’m going to be in your classroom today,” she said. Why is a college professor teaching kindergartners and first-graders? Because she’s “practicing what we teach’’ in an innovative program in the College of Education […]

  3. Lighting pioneer, brainchild of UW-Madison students, prospers in Middleton

    Fred Foster

    The opening line was decidedly off-hand for a performance that has run for more than three decades on Broadway and off: “Gak, this is disgusting, I can do it for $5,000!” Even “Watson, come here, I want you,” the imperative that founded the Bell Telephone empire and ultimately AT&T, had a bit more resonance. But […]