1. UW–Madison launches PharmD Early Assurance, opening door for more Wisconsin pharmacists

    Photo of School of Pharmacy students at their pinning ceremony in May. The ceremony marks their transition from didactic course work to full-time experiential learning. UW–Madison

    The University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Pharmacy is introducing a new program that aims to increase access to pharmacy school and train more pharmacists to help meet the health care needs of Wisconsin. The PharmD Early Assurance program provides conditional admission to the UW–Madison Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program for high school seniors who want to become […]

  2. UW-Madison: Cancer diagnosis and treatment could get a boost from machine learning

    Thanks to machine learning algorithms, short pieces of DNA floating in the bloodstream of cancer patients can help doctors diagnose specific types of cancer and choose the most effective treatment for a patient.  The new analysis technique, created by University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers and published recently in Annals of Oncology, is compatible with “liquid biopsy” testing equipment […]

  3. UW-Madison water resources students get hands-on experience with creek cleanup

    Photo of Terry Bradshaw (left), president of the Menasha River Alliance, giving a rope technique demonstration with UW-Madison student Hannah Agner. (Photo by Bryce Richter/UW-Madison)

    Determined to remove a log from a large pile, several Nelson Institute Water Resources Management students leaned into their ropes in a field at Badger Farms. “You don’t think that just tying a rope around the log and yanking on it is going to do much, especially for me that’s barely over five feet tall,” […]

  4. Archaeologists uncover evidence of intentional burial, cave engravings by early human ancestor

    Photo of an entrance to the Dinaledi Chamber of the Rising Star Cave system, part of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site near Johannesburg, South Africa. Newly found grave sites and wall engravings have led a team of archaeologists to reevaluate the meaning-making capacity of an early human ancestor, Homo naledi. Photo: Jeff Miller

    New observations and excavations in South African caves have found that Homo naledi, an early human ancestor, intentionally buried their dead and made crosshatch engravings in the cave walls nearby. Fossils of Homo naledi were first discovered in these caves 10 years ago by a team of researchers led by paleoanthropologist Lee Berger, now a National Geographic Explorer in […]

  5. UW Center for Healthy Minds will research machine learning predictions of well-being

    Graphic representation of a human brain: The multi-phase project will begin with a research study with human participants to predict their momentary emotional states, especially when they are feeling distracted, lonely, self-critical or unfulfilled, times when they may benefit from micro-support. iStock photo

    High rates of depression, anxiety, loneliness and lack of purpose are taking a toll on Americans’ mental and physical health, with wide-ranging negative consequences. Unfortunately, many of those most in need of mental health services are unable to access them through traditional means. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Center for Healthy Minds are working […]

  6. The right focus: Colleen McDowell is a leader in glaucoma research

    Photo of Colleen McDowell, UWL '04, who has received the Rada Distinguished Alumni Award for her work as a thought-leader in the field of glaucoma research.

    The world is coming into much better focus thanks to the research of Colleen McDowell.  Since leaving UW-La Crosse with a bachelor’s in biochemistry and microbiology in 2004, McDowell has become a highly regarded thought-leader in the field of glaucoma research.  “Her research has substantial implications for the current and future treatment of glaucoma as […]

  7. Badgers win national debate championship

    Photo of members of the UW-Madison debate team, from left to right, Aliya Seet, Zachary Heintz, Sophie LaRose, Emily Distler, Ethan Park, William Darbyshire and MK Denton. PHOTO BY PRANAV GOPAN

    You don’t hear “Jump Around” blasted at many debate tournaments. That changed when a team of Badgers won the national championship at the annual Yaatly Online Debating League in Denver on April 8-9, setting off a raucous celebration from the UW–Madison contingent, including the song best known for rocking Camp Randall Stadium during football games. Six […]

  8. Cecil Garvin, esteemed teacher of Ho-Chunk language, to receive honorary degree from UW–Madison

    Photo of Cecil Garvin, a highly respected Ho-Chunk elder who has devoted much of his professional life to the preservation and promotion of the Ho-Chunk language and Indigenous culture, pictured at his home in Madison. PHOTO: JEFF MILLER

    The University of Wisconsin–Madison will award an honorary doctorate degree this May to Cecil Garvin, a highly respected Ho-Chunk elder who has devoted much of his professional life to the preservation and promotion of the Ho-Chunk language and culture. Garvin is a primary author of many of the language materials presently used in K-12 education […]

  9. From concussions to PFAS: Five ways UW-Madison research is tackling real-world problems

    Photo of undergraduate researcher Grace Kreissler holding a clear 3D-printed skull that the researchers created to aid in their investigation of traumatic brain injuries. PHOTO BY JOEL HALLBERG

    Scientific research can feel distant from our everyday lives, and indeed it often requires years — or decades — of intense study to bring a life-saving medical treatment or useful new technology to fruition. Even in the face of daunting challenges and long timelines, researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison bring their love for learning […]

  10. Wisconsin cave holds tantalizing clues to ancient climate changes, future shifts

    Photo of then-UW student Cameron Batchelor (left) and Richard Slaughter (right), director of the Geology Museum at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, studying cave walls while doing research at the Cave of the Mounds near Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Batchelor led the analysis of mineral samples to identify a possible link between ice age warm-ups recorded in the Greenland ice sheet. PHOTO: BRYCE RICHTER

    Even in their dark isolation from the atmosphere above, caves can hold a rich archive of local climate conditions and how they’ve shifted over the eons. Formed over tens of thousands of years, speleothems — rock formations unique to caves better known as stalagmites and stalactites — hold secrets to the ancient environments from which […]