1. UWM students take health care into the community

    Photo of Erika Gainey, a senior nursing student, who completed an internship last semester at the UWM Health and Wellness Center inside the House of Peace community center. Gainey and other UWM students take the opportunity to talk with residents who use the center about their health and how to improve it. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    Every Monday last semester, nursing senior Erika Gainey left her last class on campus and drove to the intersection of Walnut Avenue and 17th Street, where the Capuchin Community Service House of Peace sits in the heart of the 53205 ZIP code. There, she persuaded residents using the House of Peace to take a moment and […]

  2. UWO geology students thrive on field-based learning, demand for grads strong

    Photo of UW Oshkosh students posing with a geological rock formation. UW Oshkosh’s summer geology field camp is designed to expose students to a wide variety of rock types and geologic settings. Projects are conducted in the Wasatch Mountains, as well as other parts of Utah and Nevada. (Photo courtesy of UW Oshkosh)

    The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s geology program has a history of turning out highly prepared graduates—the kinds who are sought by employers all over the world. “Geologists are highly employable because they have been trained in the sciences to perform a wide variety of tasks, such as finding resources, helping clean up environmental messes, mapping […]

  3. Three jobs, two majors and one goal: At UW-Superior, Drew Kerner found the path to success

    Photo of UW-Superior student Drew Kerner

    For Drew Kerner, who is originally from the tiny town of Radisson, Wisconsin (population: 240), attending the University of Wisconsin-Superior is akin to life in the big city. “Superior and Duluth are beautiful. I just love it here,” Kerner shared. “It’s like the perfect blend of the city lifestyle I want with the country life […]

  4. First year of diversity internship program finds success for students, employers

    Photo of Isaac Gonzales (right) shows his supervisor at Molson Coors, Jonah Turner, a tool Gonzales created that makes cleaning plant equipment easier. At semester's end, the graduating senior in engineering was offered a job. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    Isaac Gonzalez used software that he learned in his engineering courses to solve a problem in a manufacturing plant. Alex Valle learned business and email etiquette on the job, aspects of business that weren’t covered in his coursework. And Naomi Chang found out about jobs in the communication field that could be career options for […]

  5. UW-Whitewater at Rock County offers new nursing degree program

    Photo of Instructors and students from Edgewood College engaging in teaching and learning. UW-Whitewater at Rock County will soon offer a pathway to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing that can be earned at the Rock County campus through a partnership with Edgewood. (Photo courtesy of Edgewood College/Rachel Icke)

    Residents of southeastern Wisconsin will now have an opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing while remaining in the region. A unique new program brings Edgewood College’s nursing program to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater at Rock County campus, complete with a full faculty, clinical coordination expertise, and an innovative curriculum that integrates classroom instruction with […]

  6. International organization recognizes UW-Eau Claire’s actuarial science program as one of the best in the world

    Photo of UW-Eau Claire campus in winter

    The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s actuarial science program is among the best in the world, according to the Casualty Actuarial Society, an organization with more than 9,000 members worldwide.UW-Eau Claire’s program is one of four university programs to receive the 2022 CAS University Award, recognizing the innovative and exemplary ways it is preparing students for a career […]

  7. UWL grads help fuel Kwik Trip’s workforce

    Photo of UWL graduates, particularly those in the sciences, who are critical to Kwik Trip's recruiting efforts in food safety and related fields. This talent pipeline would be strengthened, Kwik Trip leaders say, through the completion of UWL's Prairie Springs Science Center.

    Science alums ‘incredibly important’ for company’s recruiting needs Kwik Trip fuels our vehicles and a large section of the Midwestern economy. The La Crosse-based company owns and operates more than 800 stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan, with nearly 500 alone in Wisconsin.   But what fuels Kwik Trip? It’s the people, says Kwik Trip Vice President Steve Loehr. And […]

  8. Helping health care providers break the news about incurable illnesses

    Photo of Melinda Kavanaugh, professor of social work at UWM, who draws on her experience as a medical social worker in hospital neurology units. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    For years, Melinda Kavanaugh worked as a medical social worker in hospital neurology units. She knew firsthand how unprepared many physicians were to deliver a devastating diagnosis such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/motor neuron disease (ALS/MND). “I would frequently see the door open and a doctor’s head pop out with a look of sheer panic, motioning […]

  9. UW-River Falls acquires scanning electron microscope

    Photo of Sam Alvarado, associate professor of inorganic chemistry at UWRF, training on the university’s new Hitachi scanning electron microscope (SEM) in Centennial Science Hall.

    When science students return to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for spring semester, they will have access to a new instrument with capabilities that will allow them to explore the properties of a specimen sample as never before on campus. “It’s a real game changer for basically anybody doing science here,” said Samuel Alvarado, associate […]

  10. Stoughton Trailers and Wahlin Foundation partner with UW-Whitewater to ready tomorrow’s supply chain and business professionals

    Photo of Stoughton Trailers and Wahlin Foundation partnering with UW-Whitewater to ready tomorrow’s supply chain and business professionals

    Stoughton Trailers LLC, a leading Wisconsin-based semi-trailer manufacturer and sales organization, together with the Wahlin Foundation, a private foundation supporting Stoughton Trailers communities, has partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater College of Business and Economics to support business education. A combination of student scholarships and faculty fellowships at UW-Whitewater, the program is designed to promote […]