1. Men, women often divide child care and house care tasks by attitudes rather than expectations, UW-Eau Claire researcher says

    Photo of Dr. April Bleske-Rechek, who conducted a study with her student research team looking at whether the often talked about disparity in how women and men divide child care and home care tasks is influenced by their own preferences, rather than by entrenched expectations around gender roles. Their findings have recently been highlighted in professional journals.

    Countless stories have been written in recent years about research that finds that women — including those in dual-income households — continue to spend more time than their spouses caring for their children and cleaning their houses, while men spend more time at their formal jobs.What’s not talked about is how men and women feel about that […]

  2. UW-Green Bay alumni receive patent for invention they created as students

    Sketch of invention patent document by UW-Green Bay alumni

    A team of former UW-Green Bay students can now officially add inventor to their resumes. In December, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recognized the work of Adam Jensen, Rosalyn Stoa and Katherine Mikhail for inventing a cup to aid sufferers of hand tremors. The invention was developed as part of a WiSys innovation event […]

  3. New collaboration to boost La Crosse as river studies leader

    Photo of student on river: UWL students and faculty will soon head out on the Upper Mississippi River in a new vessel. The Prairie Springs: Paul Fleckenstein Trust has funded a state-of-the-art vessel equipped to expand research in the river while training the next generation of water professionals in science, technology, engineering and math.

    A new partnership means full steam ahead for the UW-La Crosse River Studies Center and water research. The Mississippi River holds the answers to numerous questions about freshwater bodies, invasive species, even climate change. But a lack of proper equipment and funding has hindered scientists’ abilities to research those answers. But a new community partnership […]

  4. Better pay for truckers may save money over the long haul, UW-Milwaukee study finds

    Photo of James Peoples: “This problem was there long before COVID, but COVID just made it worse,” said UWM economist James Peoples, referring to a shortage of truck drivers that is projected to hit a record high. (UWM Photo/Elora Hennessey)

    Increasing average pay for truck drivers by about 6% might entice them to stay longer in an occupation that historically has had high turnover, while also saving trucking companies money, a study says. The promise of higher pay, of course, typically helps to keep workers in any occupation from looking around for new jobs. But […]

  5. UWO’s new cybersecurity center offers experience with real-world cyber threats

    Photo of UW Oshkosh student working at computer

    The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has opened a new cybersecurity center, providing new space for research, training and outreach related to cybersecurity, in a partnership with the Wisconsin Cyber Threat Response Alliance. Known as the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, the space is located in the Culver Family Welcome Center on the Oshkosh campus and features […]

  6. Freshwater science: A knockout for mercury?

    Photo of Working in a lab made Ashley Lutzke realize how much she loved science.

    When Elizabeth Johnson, graduated with a Biology degree from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire in May 2021, she had a big advantage in the job market. She knew how to use CRISPR, a rapidly advancing technology that can be used to edit genes.   “I’ve had many job opportunities because they see that I’ve worked with […]

  7. Research on the Rise: SBDC Helps Businesses Survive, Thrive

    Photo of Phoenix boat from Grant Report cover

    UW-Green Bay’s Office of Grants and Research, in partnership with the Advancement Office, featured the many ways research is on the rise at UW-Green Bay and the positive affect it has on the region. In this feature, Reynolds Packaging CEO Lisa Reynolds, discusses the support from the Small Business Development Center at UW-Green Bay. See the […]

  8. Freshwater science: Mentorship and insecticide insight

    Photo of Austin Draper, whose love of fish led him to a career in water sciences.

    Collaborative grant provided opportunity for faculty and students at two UW schools to study potential emerging water contaminants. Austin Draper never considered a career in freshwater science. Although he was an extremely curious kid — and asked a lot of questions about nature, particularly fish — he struggled academically in high school. After graduation, he attended community college […]

  9. Destination education: 69-year-old graduates with summa cum laude honors

    Photo of Mickey Peasley, UW-Platteville graduate

    Education has been the vehicle to a better life for Mickey Peasley. Last month, the soon-to-be 70-year-old earned her bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. It’s a journey that has spanned decades and is far from finished. “Every time I went back to school, my life got better,” said Peasley. “Every time […]

  10. High schoolers jump into freshwater science

    Photo of high school student Quienten Anger measuring nitrate value in the Chippewa River with Professor J. Brian Mahoney. Willow Anderson in the background.

    Summer program provides hands-on experiences studying lakes, rivers and streams throughout Wisconsin. What’s the best way to get high school students interested in water sciences? Get their feet wet, literally. That’s just what 14 students did last summer when they participated in the Freshwater Science Summer Field Experience, funded by a grant through the Freshwater […]