1. Driving change, meaning business: UW-Green Bay’s Master’s in Public Administration is shaping the future of service

    Photo of UW-Green Bay Masters of Public Administration student Gage Beck speaking with a co-worker at the Greater Green Bay YMCA. Photo by Dan Moore, University Photographer

    While it’s easy in our “return on investment” higher education landscape to prioritize fields like computer science and biomedics for their direct financial rewards, students like Gage Beck at UW-Green Bay are more drawn by the call to serve. Beck’s journey into the public sector is not solely driven by financial gain but by a […]

  2. Alumni Amanda and Marcus Reitz’s mission to deliver ‘Happily Ever After’ for companion animals started at UW-Green Bay

    Photo of UW-Green Bay alumni siblings Amanda Reitz and Marcus Reitz posing with a cat and dog at Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary (HEA) in Green Bay, Wis., on Dec. 4, 2023. Amanda founded HEA in 2006 while still a student, and Marcus joined as director of branding and development in 2015. (Photo by Joey Prestley / UW-Green Bay)

    From the front door of Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary (HEA) in Ashwaubenon, you can see the familiar silhouette of Lambeau Field rising above the skyline. It’s a feature siblings Amanda Reitz (‘08) and Marcus Reitz (‘03) point out with earnest pride for their hometown. They both grew up in the Green Bay area, went […]

  3. Watershed Game Makes Water Science Fun for Students and Educators

    Photo of Wisconsin educators learning how to play and teach the Watershed Game.

    On a bitterly cold morning in January, teachers and educators from around northeast Wisconsin gathered at Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve to learn how to play and teach the Sea Grant Watershed Game. The interactive board game helps students and local leaders understand the connection between land use and water quality. Through a series of active, hands-on simulations, participants learn […]

  4. High schoolers and undergrads present summer research to Manitowoc community members

    Photo of the Stream Team presenting their water quality research to community members.

    The 2023 Lakeshore Water Summit at the UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus provided high school students involved in UW-Green Bay’s Freshwater Scholars Summer Research Program with the opportunity to present the results of their work in water-based projects. They also learned about the results of summer water quality monitoring in streams around the county, which UW-Green Bay undergraduates perform in […]

  5. UW-Green Bay: The boundless medical quest of Adan Cordova

    Photo of UW-Green Bay Human Biology major Adan Cordova working out chemistry formulas. Photos by Dan Moore, University Photographer

    From Honduras to UW-Green Bay, nothing can stop Cordova’s fearless dream of becoming a physician For many aspiring students dreaming of a career as a physician, the challenging pre-requisite of chemistry often stands as a formidable obstacle. The concepts are intricate, the mathematics demanding, and the volume of information can be daunting. However, for Adan Cordova, […]

  6. Striking a balance: How UW-Green Bay’s RN to BSN program supports nursing students beyond academics

    Photo of UW-Green Bay RN to BSN student Morgan Stary

    The dynamic nature of healthcare mandates a commitment to regular learning and professional development. In an era where online education can feel impersonal, Morgan Stary’s experience with UW-Green Bay’s RN to BSN program underscores the impact of community, commitment, and the invaluable role of advisors. Without question, Morgan Stary leads a hectic life. While she manages a […]

  7. Collaboration between UW-Green Bay and Aurora BayCare Medical Center gives thousands in scholarships to local nursing students

    Photo of UW-Green Bay

    18 nursing students received scholarships Green Bay, Wis.— Aurora BayCare Medical Center is deepening its investment to address a nursing shortage in Northeast Wisconsin by providing support to prospective and current nursing students at UW-Green Bay. The support from Aurora BayCare was highlighted on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 when 18 UW-Green Bay nursing students received scholarship dollars […]

  8. Do you hear that? Nutrition and Health students are creating a ‘buzz’ at the Boys and Girls Club

    Photo of graduate student Heather Wilke, (wearing Phoenix shirt) majoring in MS Nutrition and Integrated Health at UW-Green Bay, working with a child on harvesting cucumbers from the garden during their summer practicum at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay. All photos from UW-Green Bay, Sue Pischke University Photographer

    Listen closely. There’s a distinct buzz near the gardens at the Boys & Girls Club’s westside clubhouse on South Oneida St., Green Bay. And it’s not the pollinators. It’s the kids. From a quiet murmur to squeals of delight, and of course, constant chatter, about a dozen students ages 7-10, who signed up for the […]

  9. UW-Green Bay graduate uses his Business Administration degree to bolster the business side of video games

    Photo of Ben Kvalo smiling for cameras at the 2019 Netflix movie premiere of “Velvet Buzzsaw”

    The letterboard sign on UW-Green Bay alum Ben Kvalo’s desk asks a tongue-in-cheek question: “Wait, Netflix has games?” And the answer is: It sure does! That is partially because of Kvalo, who worked tirelessly to grow the Netflix gaming division from the ground up into a global platform, much like the streaming service did for […]

  10. Bank on Lamarr, UW-Green Bay graduate

    Photo of Lamarr Banks

    Lamarr Banks is not just a people person; he’s an entrepreneurial people person with a passion for business models, ideas, and technologies. As the Urban Hub Community Manager for the Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Economic Development team, his role involves developing entrepreneurial programming and making connections between diverse personalities, opportunities, and resources. “I grew up in a […]