1. History — on the waves: UWL professor, visiting scholar dive deeper into freshwater history

    Photo of Penelope Hardy, associate professor of history, conducting research on oceanic history globally. This summer she works with Visiting Scholar Gillian to create a collection of primary sources on freshwater waterways. Pictures, in addition to books, have helped the two researchers think of all of the different ways people have relationships with water from ice fishing to baptisms.

    Back in the late 1860s, Geologist John Wesley Powell traveled down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon describing natural wonders — powerful water, sandstone canyons and adventurous nights spent in caves. His finished diary, “Down the Colorado” would capture the imagination of Americans curious about life and travel out West. Powell’s trip was sponsored […]

  2. Research for better running: Want less impact on joints? UWL PT research shows a simple cue can make a big difference

    Photo of Kelsey Redman, left, who says the results of her research on impact forces in running has also informed the cues she gives herself as a runner with two half marathon finishes so far.

    The type of cues that female runners receive can significantly alter their running pattern and reduce the stress they put on lower body joints such as the knee and hip. A study from a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Physical Therapy graduate student found that the simple instruction to “land more softly with each footfall” is a more effective […]

  3. UWL student’s collaborative, community podcast explores journeys and resources surrounding grief, loss and mental health

    Photo of Grace Wittmann. While Grace Wittmann’s father never completed his college degree, Grace says it would make him proud to know that she will. A soon-to-be senior in UWL’s public health and community health education undergraduate program in fall 2023, she is well on her way.

    Grace Wittmann remembers the Labor Day weekend when her life changed forever. She was 16 years old, spending time at a friend’s house, a-three hour drive north of home. One morning of her trip, her mother pulled up in the car unannounced. Walking up to her daughter and wrapping her arms around her, Wittmann felt […]

  4. Opening doors in public health: UW-La Crosse online master’s program seeks to address critical need

    Photo of online learners. UWL's new online Master of Public Health program is designed for working professionals looking to take the next step in their careers. The application window opens Tuesday, Aug. 1.

    UW-La Crosse is offering public health workers the chance to earn their master’s degree and grow in their career — all without leaving the comfort of home or the security of their current job.   The application window for UWL’s new online Master of Public Health program opens Tuesday, Aug. 1, with classes set to begin in January […]

  5. UWO, UWL biology students use new FTIR spectrometer to study microplastics at ERIC lab

    Photo of UW Oshkosh biology student in ERIC lab

    New technology at a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh lab is allowing students to study microplastics in fish and mussels, giving insight as to what impact the materials might have on the environment and ecosystem. Students are using a new Fourier Transformed Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer to detect and identify microplastic particles in Wisconsin lakes and rivers […]

  6. Historical growth: Added works propel the steamboat story at UW-La Crosse

    Photo of UWL’s extensive steamboat photo collection, which grew even more over the past two years with additions from three major collections.

    Steamboat photos and memorabilia continue to flow into the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The university’s Murphy Library Special Collections/Area Research Center holds one of the nation’s largest image collections related to historic steamboats and inland river scenes. There are roughly 40,000 images on site, nearly 30,000 of which can be viewed online. Books, periodicals, ephemera and […]

  7. Making a difference with data: UWL sociology students assist La Crosse County program tackling substance abuse

    Photo of La Crosse County Circuit Judge Scott Horne and UWL Associate Professor Lisa Kruse. This spring, Kruse's Methods of Social Research I students developed a system for tracking the effectiveness of the county's Drug Treatment Court, which seeks to help those who have committed drug-related offenses successfully reintegrate into society.

    A La Crosse County program designed to identify and address root causes of drug-related crime is gaining momentum — with an assist from a UW-La Crosse sociology class. The county’s Drug Treatment Court was established in 2002 with the goal of breaking a cycle of repeat offenses. Using a combination of substance abuse treatment, rehabilitation services and community supervision, it seeks to […]

  8. UW-La Crosse research: Bees that nest in the ground

    Photo of Danielle Hudson, a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse graduate student in biology, who has been conducting research on ground nesting bees in early spring outside on the university campus. The bees are typically out until the end of May.

    The vast majority of bees are living underfoot (not in hives) and they’re playing an important role in pollination We often hear most about honey bees and their hives — thanks to pop culture and Winnie the Pooh. But a whopping 70% of the world’s 20,000 bee species lay eggs in underground nests. If you’ve […]

  9. The right focus: Colleen McDowell is a leader in glaucoma research

    Photo of Colleen McDowell, UWL '04, who has received the Rada Distinguished Alumni Award for her work as a thought-leader in the field of glaucoma research.

    The world is coming into much better focus thanks to the research of Colleen McDowell.  Since leaving UW-La Crosse with a bachelor’s in biochemistry and microbiology in 2004, McDowell has become a highly regarded thought-leader in the field of glaucoma research.  “Her research has substantial implications for the current and future treatment of glaucoma as […]

  10. Walk with an Eagle: UWL rec therapy program benefits students and adults 50-plus

    Photo of participants in the Walk with an Eagle program at UW-La Crosse, which matches recreational therapy students with older adults, with the goal of sparking social connections through the simple act of walking and talking. Part of UWL's Community Engaged Learning program, the course is taught by Assistant Professor Jennifer Taylor.

    UW-La Crosse recreational therapy students are gaining soft skills and practical abilities critical to successful careers in health care — one step at a time. Assistant Professor Jennifer Taylor has partnered with AARP Wisconsin and UWL Community Engagement to launch the Walk with an Eagle program, the first of its kind in the state. The program, […]