1. Bugging out: UW-La Crosse grad students give local children an intro to insects

    Photo of graduate students from Professor Barrett Klein's biology lab sharing a lesson on insects with children from Red Balloon Early Learning Center in La Crosse.

    La Crosse’s Red Balloon Early Learning Center buzzed with excitement last week as UWL graduate students taught children about the creepy, crawly world of insects.  Led by students from Professor Barrett Klein’s biology lab, the children learned about insect biology, created their own bugs from Play-Doh and even had the chance to pet a hissing cockroach.  “Introducing […]

  2. Environmental science: New UWL major to prepare students for fast-growing field

    Photo of science lab: UWL's new environmental science major draws from the natural and social sciences to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to address pressing environmental issues.

    UW-La Crosse has launched a new major designed to prepare students for careers in the critical, fast-growing field of environmental science. UWL students are now able to declare an Environmental Science major after the Universities of Wisconsin Board of Regents approved the program in December. The major, housed in the newly renamed Department of Geography and Environmental […]

  3. Paving the way: UWL, Western create new pathways for students to launch careers

    Photo of Interim Chancellor Betsy Morgan discussing how new transfer agreements between UW-La Crosse and Western Technical College will benefit students.

    New agreements between UW-La Crosse and Western Technical College have created pathways for students to continue their education and launch successful careers. On Tuesday, Jan. 23, leaders from the two colleges finalized agreements that will allow students to transfer major credits from Western to UWL in five fields: early childhood education, sociology, philosophy, history, and […]

  4. Taking the next step: UWL Recreation Management master’s helps working professionals harness their potential

    Photo of Kristine Patterson (second from left), who applied her UWL master's capstone project to host an "Unplug to Reconnect" event at UW-Superior.

    UW-La Crosse alumni are making big career moves thanks to the skills and experiences they gained from UWL’s online Recreation Management – Professional Development master’s program. While serving as a recreation coordinator for the Berwyn Park District in Berwyn, Illinois, Nicole Collier was exploring ways to take the next step in her career. Collier’s boss suggested UWL’s […]

  5. Regionally recognized: Documentary about artist, alum Truman Lowe wins regional Emmy

    Photo of regional Emmy awarded to film about Truman Lowe

    A documentary covering the art and life of Truman Lowe, Ho-Chunk artist and UWL alum, ‘69, has been awarded a regional Emmy.  “Exploring the Artistic Process of Truman Lowe: A Journey Through Native American Art & Education” by Discover Wisconsin premiered on April 19. The documentary features Lowe’s artistic achievements and teaching legacy and includes […]

  6. Women in medicine: UW-La Crosse physical therapy doctoral student recognized for Achilles research

    Photo of UWL's Callie Pohlman, who was featured in Thieme Publishers' #Women in Medicine campaign

    Callie Pohlman, a doctoral student in the Physical Therapy program, was featured by Thieme Publishers in their #Women in Medicine campaign based on her research published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. Pohlman was the lead author with other researchers from the La Crosse Institute for Movement Science (LIMS) research group in the Department of Health Professions. Her […]

  7. Health benefits of forest bathing for kids

    Photo of 2019 forest bathing experience led by Namyun Kil, UW-La Crosse associate professor of Recreation Management & Recreation Therapy.

    Study finds mental and physiological health benefits for kids and teens who participate in structured forest therapy A UW-La Crosse study found substantial health and well-being improvements for children and adolescents who participated in a structured forest bathing session. The improvements were both mental and physiological — including a measured decrease in blood pressure over the course […]

  8. Building a Better Response to PFAS Contamination

    Photo of student research, FCW

    A career in water or the environment never occurred to AJ Jeninga until she took a winter break course to Yellowstone as an undergraduate. Now a double alumna of the Universities of Wisconsin, Jeninga was hired as the first-ever emerging contaminant outreach specialist at the University of Wisconsin – Extension’s Natural Resources Institute. She works […]

  9. ‘Castify’: UWL grad student develops new podcasting platform

    Photo of Logan Larson, a graduate student in UW-La Crosse's Software Engineering program, who has developed a new podcasting app, "Castify."

    Logan Larson, a fifth-year graduate student in UWL’s Software Engineering program, has loved computer science since he was a kid.   In fact, Larson’s mother has been a computer science teacher all of his life. He says he started creating his own video games when he was young, and as he continued to take courses throughout his […]

  10. Mathematics in motion: UWL mathematical models answer farmers’ questions about infectious disease

    Photo of David Elzinga, UW-La Crosse assistant professor of mathematics and statistics, who combines approaches from Mathematics, Statistics, and Data Science to address scientific questions based on biological topics. (Jen Towner, UWL University Marketing & Communications)

    David Elzinga has a history of using math to help animals survive. From moose suffering from too many ticks to bats with fungal infections, Elzinga has developed mathematical models to answer a plethora of questions biologists have about the spread of disease. Elzinga, a UW-La Crosse assistant professor of Mathematics & Statistics, recently presented “Baa-ttling […]