1. Ergo News: Must-have adjustments for the home office chair

    In many cases home office seating consists of a kitchen chair, a folding chair, or worse yet, the sofa or other living room chairs. No matter where you work, whether in the office or at home, make sure your chair adjusts properly. Some must-have chair features/adjustments: Chair height that adjusts between 16 and 21 inches […]

  2. Ditch the ill-fitting bags and shoes

    To avoid joint and muscle strain the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommends the following: Handbags/backpacks: Pack lightly and carry only what is needed for the day. Keep heavier items low and toward the center of the bag. The bag should weigh no more than 10 percent of your body weight. Choose a backpack with […]

  3. Your Eyes Need a Break

    Try these simple exercises to energize tired eyes after hours of looking a computer screens.   Think to Blink Step 1.             Blinks slowly… feel eyelids touching lower lids. Repeat 5 times Step 2.             Blink lightly and quickly 10 times. End with a relaxing temple massage.   Refocus Your Eyes Step 1.             Focus on the […]

  4. Be Backpack Savvy

    Back to school brings out the backpacks in varying sizes, colors and styles. If you or your child is using a backpack keep in mind the weight of the backpack and its contents should be no more than 10% of the wearer’s body weight. Previous studies recommended 15%. However that percentage has been lowered due […]

  5. A Collection of Tips and Research Findings to Help You Perform at Your Best

    Multi-tasking doesn’t work. Stanford University researchers found that when confronted with concurrent streams of electronic information not only are our multi-tasking skills drastically reduced, but we retain less to memory and have shorter attention spans. Adequate Sleep Improves Performance. The average American gets 6.9 hours of sleep most weeknights. And research has found this is […]

  6. Cell Phone Elbow

    Cell phone elbow, Blackberry thumb, Wii-itis can now be added to the lexicon of painful syndromes of the digital age. Holding the bent-elbow position for extended periods can lead to decreased blood flow, inflammation and compression of the nerve. As symptoms progress they can include a loss of muscle strength, coordination and mobility that can […]

  7. Sit Correctly to Prevent Back Pain

    While it is okay to assume other sitting positions for short periods of time, most of your sitting time should be spent as described here for the least stress on your spine. Feet should be resting on the floor. Your knees should not be higher than your hips and make a habit of keeping your […]

  8. Employ Ergonomics Off the Job

    Have you ever noticed how easy it is to ignore discomfort when you are doing something you enjoy in your free time—discomfort you wouldn’t necessarily put up with on the job? You don’t mind spending all of a Saturday leaning over the engine of the classic car you are restoring, or sitting at the computer […]

  9. Kids & Computers

    Kids nowadays are becoming avid computer users at a much earlier age. They are being introduced to the computer not only in their own homes but also at daycare and school. These young computer users may be getting a head start on the skills and information to help them succeed in life. Unfortunately, they may […]

  10. Packing Pain

    If you have school age children that time of year for back-to-school shopping is fast approaching. And fitting your child with the proper size backpack should be at the top of the school list. Things to consider when shopping for a backpack are: Hip strap designed to distribute the load more evenly Padded, contoured shoulder […]