Today, nearly 130 students and their faculty mentors from every UW campus across the state traveled to the State Capitol in Madison to showcase their important and innovative research at the UW System’s 15th Annual Research in the Rotunda event. Students presented their work to the public, state legislators, UW alumni, and other supporters while demonstrating its potential impact on Wisconsin and its economy.

“The research projects on display today embody the personal and intellectual growth these students have experienced on campus,” said UW System President Ray Cross. “They are a tangible representation of our ongoing commitment to expanding knowledge beyond our campuses and represent the kind of ideas that are instrumental to the future success of our state and its economy.”

The UW System is a national leader in undergraduate research. Over all, more than 9,100 academic research and development projects are conducted across all UW System campuses annually. Each year, UW products and discoveries lead to more than 170 new patents – or one new patent every 48 hours. Student research has the potential to inform public policy and decisions made by the private sector, affecting local, national, and international communities, as well as contributing to the state’s priorities, including retention, graduation rates, workforce and economic development.

Special guests Beth Ambos, Executive Officer of the national Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) organization and Alan Yeung, Director of U.S. Strategic Initiatives at Foxconn Technology Group, delivered remarks about the importance of undergraduate research and how student discoveries lead to new innovations in technology and future employment opportunities.

To learn about student research projects in your area, view the full program and photos online.

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