The UW System learned late on Friday (Oct. 14) that all of our colleges, universities, and extension networks could lose $46 million in state taxpayer support during fiscal year 2011-12, plus an additional $19.6 million next fiscal year.

The 2011-13 State Budget provided for $174.3 million of “lapses” in state GPR funding, requiring state agencies to return funding already allocated in the budget. In a memo released Friday by the DOA Secretary, UW System would absorb $65.6 million of this cut. Although the UW System typically represents about 7% of the state’s GPR expenditures, it is being asked to absorb about 38% of this cut under the plan, subject to approval by the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance. It appears that the UW System is being asked to take a much larger share of the lapse compared to state government agencies.

This lapse will add to $250 million in cuts already allocated to the UW System in the biennial budget, coming at a time when UW institutions are well into the academic year. With near record enrollments, campuses have made firm commitments to students, faculty, and staff that cannot be reversed mid-semester.

We do not know how we can take these cuts without negatively affecting the education of our students and the expectations of their families for a quality experience. These disproportionately large cuts will hurt every UW institution’s ability to spur regional economic growth and to help all of Wisconsin emerge from a persistent economic recession.

In the coming days and weeks, UW leaders will appeal for a distribution of lapse amounts that will preserve the UW’s ability to meet the needs of its students and serve as an economic engine for Wisconsin.

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October 2011 Lapse Amounts by UW System Institution

        FY 2012            FY 2013          2011-13 Total
UW-Madison* $18,106,065 $7,702,870 $25,808,935
UW-Milwaukee $6,207,319 $2,643,012 $8,850,331
UW-Eau Claire $2,345,863 $998,844 $3,344,707
UW-Green Bay $1,128,776 $480,621 $1,609,397
UW-La Crosse $1,899,341 $808,720 $2,708,061
UW-Oshkosh $2,257,640 $961,280 $3,218,920
UW-Parkside $1,066,609 $454,151 $1,520,760
UW-Platteville $1,305,136 $555,713 $1,860,849
UW-River Falls $1,306,120 $556,132 $1,862,252
UW-Stevens Point $1,929,202 $821,434 $2,750,636
UW-Stout $1,773,549 $755,159 $2,528,708
UW-Superior $700,290 $298,176 $998,466
UW-Whitewater $1,985,927 $845,587 $2,831,514
UW Colleges $1,749,461 $744,902 $2,494,363
UW-Extension $2,078,362 $884,945 $2,963,307
UW System Administration $295,417 $123,223 $418,640
$46,135,077 $19,634,769 $65,769,846

* UW-Madison lapse includes State Lab of Hygiene ($691,999) and Vet Diagnostic Lab ($370,337)

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