UW System President Ray Cross

“Today’s Congressional action represents a major victory for students and families who have come to rely on Perkins loans as part of the array of financial aid support that make the pursuit and attainment of a UW System degree a reality. Approximately 16,000 UW System students benefit annually from $29 million in Perkins loans. They now know that, for at least another two years, they can count on this program to propel them in their academic journeys. We appreciate the leadership and partnership of Sen. Baldwin, Rep. Pocan, and all members of our Wisconsin Congressional delegation. We are also proud that the voice of the UW System was among the leaders in this national effort to preserve a program so important to the success and prosperity of our students, the state and the nation.”

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank

“The extension of the Perkins Loan program is an excellent example of our Wisconsin delegation identifying something important to all of our campuses and working together for the benefit of students. I would like to thank Sen. Baldwin as well as Rep. Pocan, who authored the bill passed by the House, for their leadership as well as every member of the Congressional delegation.  We look forward to working with members of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation as Congress considers the future of federal financial aid programs as part of the next Higher Education Act.”

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