MADISON, Wis. – University of Wisconsin System leaders from across the state today renewed their united call for new leadership flexibility in an open letter to all state legislators pdf .

As the legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance prepares to take up the UW System budget for 2011-13, the chancellors and deans joined UW System President Kevin P. Reilly in calling for statutory changes that would let UW institutions operate more efficiently.

“The need for these flexibilities is urgent. With the new budget set to take effect on July 1, any delay in providing these flexibilities would undermine our ability to serve 182,000 students. Moreover, our UW institutions are ready now to accept these new responsibilities, and we are equally ready to embrace new accountability measures that will let you track our performance,” the leaders wrote.

Under the Wisconsin Idea Partnership, all UW institutions would benefit from significant changes to state laws that govern budgeting, financial management, tuition, human resources, construction and purchasing. The plan would preserve a unified UW System that includes UW-Madison as its flagship campus.

“We believe that separating UW-Madison out into an independent public authority will lead to wasteful competition, unnecessary duplication, and frustrating barriers for Wisconsin students,” the leaders wrote.

The Wisconsin Idea Partnership has garnered significant public support statewide. Elected officials, chambers of commerce, UW faculty and staff governance groups, UW students, editorial boards and others have endorsed the plan. See for more information.

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