Thank you, Bruce. It is a joy to be here. Good morning ladies and gentlemen and thank you for being with us this morning for this momentous occasion.

I guess you could say that this is my first “official” building dedication for the UW System … but since I’m not “official” myself until next Wednesday, it’s possible that this won’t “take” … And you’ll all be required to come back and do this again, next week.

But if this is indeed my first, I’m delighted it could be at UW-Green Bay.

I’ve visited UWGB many times before and have always been impressed by what you are accomplishing here:

  • The facilities
  • The people, including your fine staff and happy students
  • Your interdisciplinary focus on “Connecting Learning to Life”… that’s a very powerful phrase
  • Serving regional needs…

… all are very impressive, and right on target.

I’m being timed, so I need to keep this brief. Fortunately, I’ve been offered a chance to “keynote” at the UWGB Convocation later this morning, so I don’t want that offer rescinded because I go long here and delay everyone’s breakfast.

Today is a day about hope. The best sort of hope, because it’s not necessarily for ourselves, but for future generations. As Chancellor Shepard pointed out, the commitment to move ahead with this project was made several years ago, during very difficult budget times.

There’s something inspiring in that foresight, and that commitment.

Yes, even in tough times, we must invest in the future, in higher education, in people. Wisconsin always has. And, I trust, always will.

Congratulations on your beacon of hope, this great facility, this outstanding campus.

It is a real honor to be invited to share in this occasion. Thank you very much.

Ladies and gentlemen, nearly 35 years to the day since this facility opened as one of the first three buildings on the campus of the new UW-Green Bay, and on behalf of the University of Wisconsin System and the great state of Wisconsin, I am proud and honored to lead this gathering in officially re-dedicating the new and improved Laboratory Sciences Building.

This 25th day of August, in the year 2004.

I now declare this building, “Officially Re-opened for learning!”