“The vetoes announced by Governor Doyle on UW campuses today recognize that the University of Wisconsin System and the students we educate are vital to the state’s future.

“With this restored financial aid, the university’s neediest students can be assured they will have more financial help to attend college, and to stay enrolled after working so hard to get there. In this time of increasing costs, additional financial aid can help level the playing field for students from all economic backgrounds.

“Further, because the Governor will make available $34 million in state support for UW campuses that would have been withheld, student education will not suffer from last-minute cuts to classes and services before the start of the fall semester. While other budget cuts and reallocations are likely to affect long-term quality in the system, campuses can now move forward to provide students the classes, teachers, and academic support they expect and deserve.

“On behalf of UW faculty and staff, let me also express my appreciation that the proposed 1.5 percent required retirement contribution will not be allowed to stand in the final budget. Striking this provision will help us retain some of our best and brightest faculty and academic staff.

“The UW System is grateful that the Governor recognized the need for these vetoes. Before the budget is signed, I hope he will consider additional measures to maintain quality and ensure access to the UW System.”


Read President Reilly's veto request to the Governor pdf

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