“The University of Wisconsin System community is encouraged by several aspects of Governor Doyle’s 2005-07 budget proposal. The Governor’s intention to reinvest state tax dollars in the university system will begin to reverse the trend of previous budgets, when the UW System took a disproportionate share of state funding cuts.

“Both the Governor and the Board of Regents have prioritized student access and Wisconsin success. Students and families will benefit from the Governor’s proposals to increase financial aid, to restore 125 faculty teaching positions, and to make sure tuition rates are manageable and predictable.

“In addition, the proposed faculty retention fund will help us continue to ensure student success in the classroom. The best way to keep even more of our brightest scholars, teachers, and researchers will be our ability to provide a competitive pay plan. We will continue to work with the Governor and the Legislature so that we can properly compensate our faculty and staff.

“However, we will be challenged by the Governor’s proposal to further reduce the services we provide students and Wisconsin communities through student support personnel. Our campuses are still managing the previous $250 million in cuts, and I have proposed my own plans to increase our efficiency and effectiveness. Further staff reductions will negatively impact our capacity to provide quality academic and student support services. Having to reallocate 200 more of these positions, on top of the more than 200 we have already eliminated, will mean we’re doing less with less.

“We will better understand how students and our campuses could be affected by the Governor’s proposal after we have had an opportunity to review all the budget details. I look forward to working with Governor Doyle, the Legislature, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other UW stakeholders throughout Wisconsin to ensure that much-needed reinvestments in the UW System become a reality.”

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