“I am pleased to welcome two new members to the Board of Regents, following their appointment today by Governor Doyle.  All the chancellors, our other UW colleagues, and I look forward to working with each of them to ensure the future health and vitality of the University of Wisconsin System, and its ability to serve students and the state of Wisconsin.

“Both Michael Spector and Judith VanderMeulen Crain are UW System alumni and have experience serving on UW campus boards. The Board will undoubtedly rely on their knowledge of our university’s strengths and challenges in managing our continued financial struggles and related policies. I am confident they will both be effective members of the Board of Regents and responsible stewards of the public trust.

“I would also like to recognize the commitment of former Regents Guy Gottschalk and Jose Olivieri, who honorably served as members of the Board of Regents for seven years. On behalf of the UW System and the state, I offer them my regards and gratitude for their years of exceptional service.”

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