“In response to comments about news media made by Regent Tom Loftus on Friday (June 9), I want to make it perfectly clear that the Board of Regents and the University of Wisconsin System are committed to openness and transparency.

“Individual regents are welcome to voice their own opinions, but the Board, UW System Administration and our campuses will be responsive to all public inquiries.  If we can’t answer a particular question, we will see to it that a UW System staff member is made available to respond.

“Ours is a public university with a long tradition of service to Wisconsin students and taxpayers, and as long as I am president of the Board, we will be open and accessible to the public, including members of the news media. This is consistent with President Reilly’s commitment to transparency and includes how we have made it possible for anyone in Wisconsin to listen to audio of our Board meetings live via the Internet.

“Open communication and dialogue are essential values of a world-class public university system.  Although there may be some debate, and at times openness might invite criticism, everyone will benefit from constructive dialogue and that requires complete transparency on the part of the UW System.  We will remain committed to open and transparent communication as we strive to do more to serve the state of Wisconsin.”

Media Contact

Doug Bradley UW System 608-265-0548