Board of Regents President Jay Smith

“Since March 9, we have been working with the Governor and legislative leadership to restore some of the proposed budget cuts to the university system so that we can insure student access to our campuses this fall.

“Today, Senator Chvala, Senator Meyer and Senate Democrats have committed to developing a final budget that will provide “adequate resources to maintain the quality and accessibility of the University of Wisconsin.”

“We very much appreciate the strong leadership and support shown by Senators Chvala, Meyer and all Senate Democrats. These commitments recognize that the state’s future economic growth requires more college graduates, not fewer. Their proposal recognizes and reaffirms the importance of the university’s economic stimulus efforts and the role we can play in reviving Wisconsin’s economy. With these assurances, we are optimistic that we can revisit with Regents and Chancellors the need to move forward with our admissions process.”

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