Board of Regents President Jay Smith

“We have been working with the Governor’s office and legislative leadership since March 9 on ways to open up enrollment opportunities in the UW System for students this fall. We’ve had positive conversations with the Governor. The Governor has been consistently committed to his $51 million budget cut proposal, which we have agreed we would manage without enrollment cuts to meet our share of the state’s budget shortfall. We’re encouraged by the support expressed by Senate Democrats who announced today that they will work for a final budget that provides ‘adequate resources to maintain the quality and accessibility of the University of Wisconsin.’

“We appreciate these strong commitments to enrollment opportunities for Wisconsin students and the economic future of the state. We all agree that the state’s future economic growth requires more college graduates, not fewer. In the next few days, I will schedule a meeting of the Regents Executive Committee to consider authorizing the campuses to restart the enrollment process.”

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