University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross said a report released by the Wisconsin Technology Council this week strengthens the case for supporting higher education given its critical role as an economic driver in the state.

As part of its findings, the report, “The Value of Higher Education to Wisconsin’s Economy,” reaffirms that further cuts in public support for higher education in Wisconsin will, in fact, harm the state’s economy. Wisconsin colleges and universities provide necessary talent, technology transfer and business development in the communities that they serve, the report stated.

“We appreciate the close attention paid by the Wisconsin Technology Council to the vital connection between higher education and the state’s economic well-being. We have long maintained that the University of Wisconsin System, with its focus on education, research and service, is and should be a premier driver of a strong future for the state and its citizens. The report warrants continued dialogue between economic partners, legislators and other stakeholders committed to a more prosperous Wisconsin,” Cross said.

“The University of Wisconsin System advances the growth of workforce talent, intellectual property, and economic activity to all of our benefit. The UW System will continue to work in close alignment with current and future partners to share that message, and the other findings of the report, with the broader public.”

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