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Re: Wisconsin Economic Summit IV workshops

The first day of Wisconsin Economic Summit IV features several workshops during which business and community leaders from around the state will share expertise about specific economic development issues.

The following summary includes topics and contacts for each workshop to assist you with possible coverage before and during the summit.

The workshops run concurrently and will start at 12:30 p.m., 2 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 27. Wisconsin Economic Summit IV runs through Oct. 28 at the Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee.

For a complete list of panelists—some of whom may represent your coverage area—and a full agenda, visit


11:30 a.m.: News Conference – NorthEast Wisconsin (NEW Economy) Project Announcement: The Northeast Wisconsin region has faced economic downturn challenges over the past three years. Learn about the economic development strategy for this region that utilizes the current strengths in the area while addressing the region’s weaknesses and challenges for the development of a future strong and prosperous economy.
Contact: Rob Kleman, Chair, Regional NEW Economy Committee

• 12 p.m.: News Conference – Bioscience Wisconsin 2004 Report Release: The Wisconsin Association of Biomedical Research & Education will premiere a newly published report on the state of bioscience in Wisconsin.
Contact: Gale Davy, Executive Director, WI Association of Biomedical Research & Education

Workshop Session I – 12:30 – 1:45 p.m.

The Economic Garden: Fertilizing Entrepreneurial Growth: Growing entrepreneurial companies is one of the most powerful long-run strategies to create new jobs and develop corporate headquarters with Wisconsin roots. This panel will discuss the state’s efforts to fertilize the economy and seed new companies with capital, technical assistance, education, and peer networks.
Contact: Cory Nettles, Secretary, Department of Commerce; Erica Kauten, State Director, UW-Extension Small Business Development Center

• Using Tax and Budget Policy to Lead Economic Development: This panel will discuss the role of state fiscal policy on economic development.
Contact: Michael Morgan, Secretary, Department of Revenue; Andrew Reschovsky, Professor, La Follette School of Public Affairs, UW-Madison

• Regional Economic Development Cooperation – Lessons Learned: Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) members are actively engaged in numerous collaborative regional ventures. Come hear about some of the best.
Contact: Karna Hanna, CEcD, Executive Director, Sauk County Development Corporation

• Partnerships – Linking Cutting-Edge Research with Economic Development: This workshop will explain how the Wisconsin Distinguished Professors program serves business, industry, the environment, and the residents of Wisconsin with exciting research ranging from nanotechnology to sports fishery.
Contact: Danae Davis, Director, Diversity Affairs, Miller Brewing Company & Regent, UW System Board of Regents

• Creativity – The Key to a Successful Workforce: The newly transformed American workplace has a creativity crisis. Multi-skilled, multi-dimensional creative individuals mean economic success. Are students being prepared to meet this need?
Contact: Virgilyn Driscoll, Director, Wisconsin Champions for Arts Education: Business and Community Advocates, Inc.

• The Wisconsin Community Development Legacy Corporation – A new approach to investing in Wisconsin’s low-income communities: Find out how the Wisconsin Community Development Legacy Corporation will utilize the New Markets Tax Credit Program and examine the steps needed to get going on projects, listen to models used to deploy the capital and learn how to quantify an investor’s return.
Contact: Carol N. Maria, Vice President, WI Women’s Business Initiative Corporation

Workshop Session II – 2- 3:15 p.m.

• Harnessing Technology to Build Tomorrow’s Economy: Wisconsin has strong connections in technology research and related emerging industries. The panel will explore efforts to develop Wisconsin’s technology leadership and harness our educational institutions to grow Wisconsin.
Contact: Marc Marotta, Secretary, Department of Administration; Bob Brennan, President, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce

• Investing in People: Education and Training: Wisconsin is well-known for its highly educated and skilled workforce. To compete in the global economy, however, Wisconsin workers must constantly upgrade their skills and education levels to maintain and surpass the competition. This workshop will highlight Governor Doyle’s plan to re-engineer training programs and create strong collaborations with educational institutions to ensure Wisconsin companies reach the highest levels of quality and productivity while still maintaining family-supporting jobs for the state’s workforce.
Contact: Roberta Gassman, Secretary, Department of Workforce Development

• Diversity and Tomorrow’s Profits: Women in Corporate Leadership: Milwaukee Women Inc. will present its latest research examining women in corporate and board leadership across Wisconsin’s largest publicly owned companies.
Contact: Jeffrey C. Browne, President, Public Policy Forum; Dennis J. Kuester, President and CEO, Marshall & Ilsley Corporation; Joan M. Prince, Vice Chancellor, UW-Milwaukee; Board Member, Milwaukee Women Inc.;
Paul E. Purcell, President and CEO, Robert W. Baird & Co.

• UW-Eau Claire Student/Faculty Collaborative Research to Benefit Business and Government: Wisconsin businesses and government organizations often think only of UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee when considering university research. This session will demonstrate the many ways UW System schools can benefit local businesses and government.
Contact: Lisa Theo, MS, Lecturer, Department of Geography & Anthropology, UW-Eau Claire; Darcy Way, Director, Momentum Chippewa Valley.

• Alternative Strategies for Securing and Providing Risk Capital: This workshop demonstrates alternative risk capital vehicles and risk capital strategies available in the state.
Contact: David J. Ward, President, NorthStar Economics, Inc.

• The Innovation Economy: We are witnessing a historical transformation in the great state of Wisconsin’s economy. The state’s economy is transforming from an agriculture and manufacturing-based economy to a knowledge-based, innovation economy. This panel will explore how pioneers are bringing innovative ideas to the market place.
Contact: State Sen. Ted Kanavas, Co-Chair, Wisconsin Senate Select Committee on Job Creation; Ralph Kauten, President and CEO, Quintessence Biosciences

Workshop Session III – 3:30-4:45 p.m.

• The High-End Approach to Wisconsin’s Economic Base: The manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism industries are the cornerstones of Wisconsin’s economy. This panel will explore strategies to stabilize and grow these industries; identify public-private partnerships that will effectively mobilize and target resources for growth; and, make the case for investment in these industries’ knowledge base.
Contact: Rod Nilsestuen, Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection; Don Nichols, Chair, La Follette School of Public Affairs, UW-Madison

• Urban Anchors: Building the 21st Century Milwaukee: Wisconsin needs its largest city to be a vibrant, thriving cultural, economic, and social center in order to prosper. This panel will discuss successful efforts and new initiatives underway aimed at tapping the full potential of the Milwaukee area.
Contact: Antonio Riley, Executive Director, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority;
Lois Quinn, Senior Research Scientist, UW-Milwaukee

• Wisconsin Women = Prosperity: Four “building blocks” for women’s prosperity have been identified including; Economic Sufficiency, Educational Achievement, Health, Safety & Well Being, and Leadership and Political Participation. This session will explore both the barriers and best practices within each of these areas.
Contact: Barbara Lawton, Lieutenant Governor, State of Wisconsin

• Brain Gain Best Practices – Young Professionals of Milwaukee Success Story: Young Professionals of Milwaukee (YPM), a service of the MMAC, grew from 0 to 2,240 in 24 months since its launch in August 2001. Learn about the strategy and success at impacting brain gain.
Contact: Laura Wake, City of Milwaukee, President, YPM

• University Partnerships Serving Wisconsin Industry Clusters: Collaboration at work! Learn how Wisconsin’s educational institutions are actively collaborating on knowledge-transfer and industry outreach to enhance economic development in the state’s core industry clusters.
Contact: Raj Veeramani, Director, UW Consortium for Global E-Commerce

• Intellectual Property in the New Tech-Led Economy: Panelists will describe how the UW System’s WiSys organization assisted them in patenting and licensing technologies.
Contact: Elizabeth L.R. Donley, Esq., General Counsel, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and General Manager, WiSys Technology Foundation, Inc.

Workshop Session IV – 5-6:15 p.m.

• Building High-End Infrastructure: High-end infrastructure investment has been identified as a fundamental component to future economic growth in Wisconsin. This panel will explore what the state and private sector are currently doing to ensure our physical infrastructure — roads, energy and telecommunications — and support future economic development.
Contact: Burnie Bridge, Chair, Public Service Commission

• High-End Regulatory Reform: This panel will discuss the Doyle administration’s high-end approach to regulatory reform.
Contact: Scott Hassett, Secretary, Department of Natural Resources; John Torinus, CEO, Serigraph, Inc.

• “Calling all entrepreneurs!” How to enter the Governor’s Business Plan Contest: The Governor’s Business Plan Contest, sponsored by the Wisconsin Technology Council and its affiliates, will draw out Wisconsin’s best business plans and help speed them to market.
Contact: Tom Still, President, Wisconsin Technology Council

• Accessing the Resources of the UW System: More to Offer than Just a Quality Education: Learn about the myriad of resources available to businesses at University of Wisconsin System campuses and UW-Extension offices around the state.
Contact: David J. Ward, President, NorthStar Economics, Inc.; Charles Hoslet, Managing Director, Office of Corporate Relations, UW-Madison

• The Currency of the Liberal Arts: Preparing Students for the New Economy: This workshop will discuss the currency and relevancy of the liberal arts in the early 21st century.
Contact: Julius Erlenbach, Chancellor, UW-Superior; Robert Greenstreet, Interim Chancellor, UW-Milwaukee

• Manufacturing Renewal: The changing face of manufacturing in the next decade and beyond: How are Wisconsin manufacturers reinventing their companies to rise to the challenge of global competition? Manufacturing leaders discuss strategies to maintain a strong manufacturing sector.
Contact: Michael Klonsinski, Executive Director, Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership

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