Wisconsin is expected to play a prominent role in this year’s presidential election, with the state’s primary election now set for Feb. 17. Faculty members from University of Wisconsin System campuses are available to offer context and perspective to news media throughout the election process.

The following includes contact information and areas of expertise for selected UW faculty:


Rodd Freitag, associate professor and department chair, political science, (715) 836-5044,freitard@uwec.edu
State and local politics, interest groups, Congress, welfare policy, elections

Geoffrey Peterson, assistant professor of political science, (715) 836-3641,petersgd@uwec.edu
Voting behavior, public opinion polling, elections, media and politics, political advertising, American Indian politics


David Littig, associate professor of public and environmental affairs, (920) 465-2081, littigd@uwgb.edu
State and local politics and Wisconsin’s role in Presidential elections

Timothy Meyer, professor of information science, (920) 465-2134, meyert@uwgb.edu
Media coverage of politics and Presidential debates

Scott Furlong, associate professor of public and environmental affairs, (920) 465-2061,furlongs@uwgb.edu
State and national elections

Denise Scheberle, professor of public and environmental affairs, (920) 465-2595,scheberd@uwgb.edu Presidential election


Joe Heim, professor of political science/public administration, (608) 785-6640 / 788-7717,heim.jose@uwlax.edu
campaigns and elections, state of Wisconsin and federal

Curt Reithel, professor of political science/public administration, (608) 785-8436,reithel.curt@uwlax.edu
Presidential elections, especially foreign policy issues

Al Nelson, associate professor of political science/public administration, (608) 785-6641,nelson.albe@uwlax.edu
Presidential elections


A wide range of expertise is available through UW-Madison’s online Experts List


Alison B. Alter, assistant professor of political science, (414) 229-2649, aalter@uwm.edu
Economic expectations and elections

Kathleen Dolan, associate professor of political science, (414) 229-3892, kdolan@uwm.edu
Electoral behavior, women and politics, public opinion, political participation, legislative politics

Marcus Ethridge, professor of political science, (414) 229-3979 / home (262) 789-5440,ethridege@uwm.edu
Citizen participation

Thomas M. Holbrook, professor of political science, (414) 229-6468, homeboy@uwm.edu
Political behavior, campaigns and elections, state politics, economic voting

Mordecai Lee, associate professor of political science, (414) 227-3282, mordecai@uwm.edu
General politics

Fiona M. Wright, assistant professor of political science, (414) 229-3891, drfright@uwm.edu
Congressional behavior, congressional-presidential relations; budget politics; institutional change and reform, scandal politics

Kathryn Olson, associate professor of communications, (414) 229-6396, kolson@uwm.edu
Contemporary political rhetoric (especially presidential rhetoric), rhetoric of social controversy

Paul Brewer, assistant professor of mass communications, (414) 229-5376,prbrewer@uwm.edu
Media and politics; public opinion and the media; political communication

David S. Allen, assistant professor of mass communications, (414) 229-4619,dsallen@uwm.edu
Media ethics, media law, media and political theory; Free speech during wartime

Glen Jeansonne, professor of history, (414) 229-3964, gsj@uwm.edu
Twentieth-century U.S. history, presidential history after 1900, Huey Long, FDR, Ronald Reagan, the ’80s


Martin Gruberg, professor of political science, (920) 424-0146, gruberg@uwosh.edu
Civil liberties and urban politics

Paul Liu, assistant professor of political science, (920) 424-7162, liu@uwosh.edu
Urban politics, racial politics, racial voting patterns

Craig Maher, assistant professor of political science, (920) 424-2213, maher@uwosh.edu
Tax and spending policy

David Siemers, assistant professor of political science, (920) 424-0435, siemers@uwosh.edu
Presidential politics


Fred Monardi, assistant professor of political science, (262) 595-2399, fred.monardi@uwp.edu
National elections

William Murin, professor of political science, (262) 595-2021, william.murin@uwp.edu
Historical perspective of elections

Gerald Greenfield, associate provost and professor of history, (262) 595-2144,gerald.greenfield@uwp.edu
National elections


Edward Miller, professor of political science, (715) 346-3130, emiller@uwsp.edu
American politics, legislative process, public policy, state & urban politics, health policy, education policy, research methods

James Canfield, professor of political science, (715) 346-4108, jcanfiel@uwsp.edu
Political parties; minority group politics

Mike Fahey, development director, College of Fine Arts and Communication, (715) 346-3056,mifahey@uwsp.edu

Bryan Brophy-Baermann, assistant professor of political science, (715) 346-2439,bbrophyb@uwsp.edu
Comparative politics

Dennis Riley, professor of political science, (715) 346-4107, driley@uwsp.edu
National politics


Alec Kirby, historian, (715) 232-1140, kirbya@uwstout.edu


Wayne Youngquist, senior lecturer of sociology, (608) 758-6545, wyoungqu@uwc.edu
Presidential, Wisconsin and extremist politics


Karl Byrand, assistant professor of geography, (920) 459-6619 / (920) 451-1784,kbyrand@uwc.edu
Environmental, foreign policy and U.S. race and ethnicity issues

Dick Flannery, professor of political science, UW-Sheboygan, (920) 459-6630; UW-Manitowoc, (920) 683-4695; home (920) 459-7116, rflanner@uwc.edu
The American Presidency


Roger Wall, associate professor of political science, (262) 335-5237, rwall@uwc.edu
Political science issues

Larry Gomes, professor of economics, (262) 335-5256, lgomes@uwc.edu
Politics and economic issues

David Huehner, professor of history, (262) 335-5242, dhuehner@uwc.edu
Politics and historical perspective

Sandi Brunette-Hill, associate professor of sociology, (262) 335-5243, sbrunett@uwc.edu
Politics and social issues


Margaret Hankenson, assistant professor of political science, (262) 521-5204, mhankens@uwc.edu